Web Tech Phone Meeting Dec. 21

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 - 9:00am - 10:00am
Conference call
Web Design
  1. Status of D6
    • have to push calculate shipping to see prices - is wording change sufficient?
    • discount not showing on Review page - still open
    • left menu - no work
    • more work to do on imagecache categories - no feedback - ok as is
    • No resolution of layout of catalog pages - no feedback
    • Donate page does not quite duplicate D5 - now works - need more details on membership page equivalent
    • Status report on order report
  2. D5-D6 timeline - revise firm schedule from 11/30
Walt, Bill, Kipp
Status of Minutes: 

No, Kevin or Josh, so no decisions made about which catalog prototype to use or how to layout the membership page.

Kipp has modified the order code to record whether it is Visa/Mastercard/AmEx. Now needs to exploit that in a report similar to the prototype supplied by Josh.

Review page still not working.