Hiking Long Island - 4th Edition

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Hiking Long Island - 4th Edition

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For more than a decade Hiking Long Island has been the most popular guidebook to the area’s trails. Author Lee McAllister has spent the past 30 years hiking, photographing, and researching natural Long Island, discovering its beauty on and off the beaten path.

This fourth edition of Hiking Long Island describes parks and preserves of Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and hiking trails throughout the area. It updates all the trails and adds a few new ones as well. It shows the walker where to explore natural beauty in small parks and larger tracts of public lands. Relevant stories of area history enhance the trail descriptions. The book helps hikers choose the hike most appropriate for their abilities and interests, and provides directions to the trailhead.

The unique geology and climate of Long Island make it a fascinating place to hike year round. Despite its suburban population close to New York City, there are many places on the island where the walker can seek solitude amid the beauty of the natural world. Glaciers of the last ice age formed its hills and plains. The moraines that run the length of this 118-mile Island afford hilltop views of the ocean from miles away. The overlap of southern and northern climates on its terrain produces an unusual mix of plants, birds and wildlife. There are hardwood forests and pine-barrens, hills and kettleholes, fields and beaches, bluffs and bogs, rivers and bays, dunes and dwarf pines, maritime forests and grasslands, coastal plain ponds and burn areas, and haunting moorlands. And Hiking Long Island leads the walker to all of it.