Invasives Strike Force -- Plant ID Phase 1

Plant ID - Phase 1


1)  Sign up for in-person training at our Invasives Strike Force workshops. If you'd like to prepare ahead of time or you need additional help, try the following on-line training resources...

2) Download the Note-taking sheet (PDF) to help you learn the plants.

3)  Download the Plant ID Guide (PDF) or click the links on the table below to learn about the plants.

  View and listen to this presentation from previous years' training (covers the original plant list only)


5)  Watch these videos from previous years training (covers the original plant list only):


Phase 1 Species CODE Common Name Type
Acer platanoides ACPL Norway maple


Ailanthus altissima AIAL Tree-of-heaven Tree
+Elaegnus umbellata ELUM Autumn olive Sm. Tree
Berberis thunbergii BETH Japanse barberry Shrub
Euonymus alatus EUAL Winged Euonymus Shrub
Rose multiflora ROMU Multiflora rose Shrub
Rubus phoenocolasius RUPH Wineberry Shrub
+Lonicera morrowii/tartarica LONI Bush honeysuckles Shrub
Celastrus orbiculatus CEOR Oriental bittersweet


Lonicera japonica LOJA Japanse honeysuckle


+Polygonum cuspidatum

POCU Japanese knotweed Herb

+Lythrum salicaria

LYSA Purple loosestrife Herb
Alliaria petiolata ALPE Garlic mustard Herb
Microstegium vimineum MIVI Japanese stiltgrass Grass


After you have learned the Phase 1 species above and you have mapped them on your section of trail, you can move on to the Phase 2 species.

[The following species were moved to the Phase 2 plant list: Hercules club (Aralia elata), Mile-a-minute vine (Polygonum perfoliatum), and Black swallowwort (Cynanchum louiseae).]