Walkable Westchester 2nd Edition

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     Walkable Westchester    

Jane and Walt Daniels 

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Published by: New York-New Jersey Trail Conference (2014)

There are over 200 parks, preserves, sanctuaries, and protected open space in Westchester County; they contain over 600 miles of trails including ones that are handicapped accessible.

Walkable Westchester promotes walking which is an inexpensive recreation and part of a healthy life style. It describes a wide variety of walking opportunities on paved paths, woods roads, dirt roads, or narrow woodland trails in urban, suburban, rural, and natural settings. Trails can go along the shore, in woodlands and fields, or near lakes, streams, vernal pools, and wetlands. Discover Westchester as you walk, hike, run, ride a horse, walk your dog, bike, cross country ski, or snowshoe.

Aside from property in and near Heritage Hills in Somers and two isolated tiny pockets elsewhere in the County, all homes in Westchester are within one mile of a park boundary or place to walk. Amazing, but even more so because of the County's proximity to New York City.


  • Information on 200 parks, preserves, sanctuaries, and protected open spaces including 26 additional parks not in the previous edition.
  • Descriptions of over 600 miles of trails including 42 miles of new trails
  • County-wide locator map and detailed maps of all but the smallest parks.
  • History, science and local lore.
  • Great photographs to encourage you to visit
  • Icons of activities permitted in each park.
  • Driving directions, GPS coordinates, and availability of public transportation.
  • Links to websites for additional information about the parks.
  • Park contact information; and
  • Table of contents and an index

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