Hainesville Wildlife Management Area

Park Overview:

Managed for hunting and fishing; hiking permitted; near High Point State Park.

Trail Uses:Hiking
Trail Miles:
Park Acreage:613 acres
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Park Description:

The eastern edge of Hainesville WMA nearly adjoins High Point State Park.  It is one of the older, smaller [at 613 acres] wildlife areas and is managed for upland game hunting, with fields, hedgerows, and a pond which is fast becoming a swamp. 


Trails Overview:

No marked trails.  Topographical maps can be found at: Table of Wildlife Management Areas.  Hikers can also purchase the Milford USGS topographical quadrangle map; or free scanned copies are available at the USGS web site


From Hainesville on US 206 proceed north for about 0.5 mile to Shaytown Road, continue east for about 0.5 mile, then go north on Cemetery Road 0.5 mile to a parking area at the entrance to the wildlife management area. See "Trails" section for link to topographical map showing parking areas.  [Google Maps for approximate location:  "Cemetery Road, Haninesville"]


Contact Information:NJ DEP, Division of Fish & Wildlife