Koegel Park


Koegel Park
Park Overview:

A long curving driveway lined with stately trees is evidence that Koegel Park was once an estate. Although the pavement ends at a gate, it seems clear that the road had at one time continued further.

Trail Uses:Hiking
Dogs:No dogs
Trail Miles:1.7 miles
Park Acreage:77 acres
Web Map:Koegel Park Map
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Park Description:
Trails Overview:

A tiny network of trails wanders through mature upland forest with large deciduous trees. Koegel Park is at the top of a hill that slopes 140 feet down to the North County Trailway.

From the Taconic Parkway, take Route 6 east to Baldwin Place. Turn right onto Route 118 and go 1.3 miles to Koegel Park to the right 

Public transportation: Beeline Bus #16 or Putnam Area Rapid Transit (PART) to Somers Commons in Baldwin Place. Go to a small parking lot on the east side of the shopping center near Route 118. The entrance to the North County Trailway is on the far side of this parking lot. Turn right and head south on the trailway for a mile. To the left, shortly past a large rock, a paved path leads up to the blue trail in Koegel Park. (If you reach a bench on the right side of the trailway, you have gone too far and missed the path to the park.)
Contact Information:Somers NY
Region:Westchester County