Sylvan Glen Park Preserve




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Park Overview:

Old cables, discarded slabs of granite, and an explosive shed are a few of the remnants along the trails in Sylvan Glen Park Preserve, the site of a former quarry.

Trail Uses:Hiking, Mountain biking
Dogs:Dogs on leash
Trail Miles:5.3 miles
Park Acreage:342.8 acres
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Trail Conference volunteers maintain trails in this park.
Park Description:

Tucked away on a hillside in northern Westchester County, NY, Sylvan Glen Nature Preserve is the site of a former quarry which supplied a honey-colored granite for the approaches to the George Washington and Whitestone bridges. The property was purchased in 1981 and was opened as a park when additional adjoining properties were acquired. Quarries of various sizes and remnents of the operations are located throughout the western portion of the park. Subsequent acquisition of adjacent land extended the park onto former farmland and provided another entrance to the park.

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Trails Overview:

The trails traverse a variety of terrain, from steep climbs to gentle woods roads. Interpretive signs, near the quarry operations that ceased at the beginning of World War II, provide an insight into the Town of Yorktown's largest employer at the time. The trails through the former farmland offer a different perpective of land use, including a 0.25 mile riding ring and large ditches dug to drain wetlands.


  • Deer Hollow Trail (orange) 0.25 mile
  • Grant Lookout Trail (red) 0.3 mile
  • High Quarry Trail (blue)1.1
  • Old Farm Trail (green) 0.6
  • Ring Trail (yellow) 0.25
  • Quarry Drive Trail (orange) 0.08
  • Quarry Oak Trail (orange) 0.05
  • Snake Hill Trail (yelow) 0.6
  • Sylvan Glen Trail (red) 1.35
  • Turtle Pond Trail (white) 0.9
  • coaligned trails - High Quarry and Sylvan Glen for 0.1 mile

From the Taconic Parkway, take the exit for US 202/NY 35 (Yorktown Heights) and turn west at the bottom of the ramp onto US 202/NY 35 (Crompond Road). Continue for 1.8 miles and turn right at a traffic light onto Lexington Avenue. In 0.5 mile, turn right onto Morris Lane and head downhill. It is 0.2 mile to the parking area at the bottom of the hill.

From the Taconic Parkway, take the exit for Bear Mountain Parkway (Yorktown Heights) and turn north on Stony Street. At the top of the hill watch for an unmarked gravel driveway on the left (opposite 2820 Stony St and shortly before reaching Winding Court).

Contact Information:Yorktown Parks & Recreation Dept.
Region:Westchester County

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Dogs allowed?

I bought the Yorktown Walk Book, and it lists dogs allowed on leash. The NYNJTC map says dogs aren't allowed. Anyone know for sure?


The offical town policy is no dogs in Nature Preserves and Sylvan Glen is a Naure Preserve. However you will find that many people bring their dogs and that there is no enforcement. The other Nature Preserve in Yorktown, Turkey Mountain, has the same issues. This problem of general disregard of  signs in parks is common to most parks. One wag said there is new breed of dogs call a No Dog, and No Dogs are Allowed. Let your conscience be your guide.


I went today, and there was a sign at the trail head with the park regulations that said to clean up after your dogs. So, I'm assuming dogs are allowed.


It's very confusing. I have brough my dog sitting dog many times - focused on the same sign... When you look at the kiosk to the right just after you enter you will see a no dog sign there. Also if you happen to run into one of the white square posted signs anywhere along the property line with lots of text on them they will say no pets.... I respect this and no longer bring the dog - but the Town really needs to make the signage clear...