Walpack Wildlife Management Area


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Park Overview:

Managed for hunting and fishing. Hiking permitted with views of the Delaware River from Pompey Ridge.

Trail Uses:Hiking
Dogs:No dogs
Trail Miles:
Park Acreage:388 acres
Walpack Township/Sussex/NJ
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Park Description:




The 388-acre Walpack WMA offers fishing on Flat Brook and also has high ground along Pompey Ridge which overlooks the Delaware River.

Trails Overview:



No marked trails.  See topographical map link in "Directions."  Hikers can also purchase the Flatbrookville and Lake Maskenozha USGS topographical quadrangle maps; or free scanned copies are available at the USGS web site  





This wildlife management area is a narrow strip extending for about two miles along County 615 north of Flatbrookville and is entirely contained within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Topographical map showing one parking area can be found at: Table of Wildlife Management Areas

Contact Information:NJ DEP, Division of Fish & Wildlife