Ward Pound Ridge Reservation

Park Overview:

Hilly terrain in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation offers a mix of second-growth hardwood forest, hemlock, laurel, bold rock outcroppings, steep ravines, wetlands, and open meadows.

Trail Uses:Hiking, X-C skiing, Handicapped
Dogs:Dogs on leash
Trail Miles:41.9 miles
Park Acreage:4700 acres
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Trail Conference volunteers maintain trails in this park.
Park Description:

The largest park in Westchester County, Ward Pound Ridge has areas with lots of people and places where few are encountered. Picnic areas, Trailside Museum and the park office are along Reservation Road, which crosses the park east-west and parallels the Cross River.  The southern part of the park offers a more secluded atmosphere. It is reached most easily from the Michigan Road parking and picnic area, which also serves as the center for winter ski touring. Camping in CCC era lean-tos is available.

The low stone walls that crisscross the forest floor indicate that more than thirty farms once existed within the park's boundaries. Gradually Westchester County purchased these farms. In 1938 the park was dedicated as Pound Ridge Reservation. Later it was renamed to honor William Ward, former County Parks Commissioner, who was instrumental in creating the county's park system. The "Pound" in Pound Ridge refers to the enclosure or pound used by Native Americans to capture their prey. It is the largest park in Westchester County.


Trails Overview:

Hikers have lots of choices in the 41.9 miles of trails in the park. 

  • The Rocks Trail (4.9 mile) takes the hiker into the heart of Ward Pound Ridge to pass Indian Rock Shelter, Raven Rock, Castle Rock, Spy Rock, Bear Rock and Dancing Rock.
  • North of Reservation Road, the brown trail (3.8 miles) offers a pleasant walk along the Cross River. It is accessible from the picnic areas along Reservation Road.  
  • The blue trail (3.8 miles) extends south from the Kimberly Bridge picnic area through the eastern side of the park. One side of the loop rises through open forest to the highest point in the park (860 feet).
  • From the Michigan Road picnic area, the red trail (5.6 miles) offers access to the greatest variety of scenery.
  • Side trails lead to Leatherman's Cave, the former CCC camp, and a view over the Cross River Reservoir, 

Cross-country ski traffic on the red, green and yellow trails is one way, counterclockwise.

From I-684, take Exit 6 (Route 35) and turn east. Go 3.8 miles and turn right onto Route 121. It is 0.1 mile to the reservation entrance 41.26116, -73.614716

No public transportation.

Contact Information:Ward Pound Ridge Reservation
Region:Westchester County
Fees:Some times and places; check with park