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Park Overview:

The swimming area and boat launch are both popular. The trail system in Wawayanda State Park is composed primarily of woods roads and is largely level. Terrace Pond area and the Appalachian Trail offer a more rugged hiking experience.

Trail Uses:Hiking, Bridle path, X-C skiing
Dogs:Dogs on leash
Trail Miles:60 miles
Park Acreage:35524 acres
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Trail Conference volunteers maintain trails in this park.
Park Description:

Wawayanda State Park embraces over 35,000 acres of forests and waters in the rough, hilly country of the New Jersey Highlands.  The name, pronounced Wa-wa-yanda, is the phonetic rendition of the Lenape name, said to mean "winding, winding water," or "water on the mountain." 

Wawayanda Lake, one of the focal points of the park, is 1.5 miles long, has 5.5 miles of wooded shoreline, and covers 255 acres.  It has both a popular beach/swimming area and boat launch.  Close by are the ruins of the Wawayanda Furnace, a charcoal blast furnace used to produce iron during the 1840s through the Civil War.  The Wawayanda Mine is 2.5 miles northeast of the iron furnace along the east side of Wawayanda Road  [near the New York State border] and consists of five openings or shafts.

Parking Fee: From Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day.

The park includes the High Breeze Farm Historic Site [Barrett Farm]. The Vernon Township Historical Society leases an adjacent building.   There is no entrance fee; usually open only on weekends.

Terrace Pond:  An aquatic gem that lies at an altitude of 1,380 feet - Terrace Pond is surrounded by steep cliffs of puddingstone conglomerate, with nearby blueberry swamps and impressive stands of rhododendron.  Although formally part of Wawayanda State Park, it is separated from the rest of the park by Clinton Road, and its features are visually and geologically distinct from those of the remainder of the park.  [No parking fee]

Trails Overview:
  • Wawayanda State Park: Toward the eastern part of the park various old woods roads and paths lead southward through one of the finest forests of its kind in New Jersey.  A swamp containing an extensive stand of Atlantic white cedar is noteworthy for being so far from its usual haunts along the seacoast marshes [Cedar Swamp Trail; 1.4 miles; blue].  For the most part the woods roads are fairly level and excellent for seasonal cross-country skiing.  Many of the trails pass through low-lying areas and portions of the trails may be flooded during wet seasons.  The Appalachian Trail [16.5-mile segment; white], which crosses the park from east to west, offers a more rugged experience.
    • During the winter some hikers report disappointment by the noise of large numbers of legal snowmobiles.
    • Except for the Appalachian Trail, the other 16 trails in this part of the park are relatively short, ranging from 0.5 to 2.8 miles. Total miles of trails: 43.
  • Terrace Pond:  Like Abram S. Hewitt State Forest to its north, the trails in the Terrace Pond area climb steeply.  At the same time this is an especially good place to observe the conglomerate beds of reddish-purple puddingstone as they dip downward from either side toward the center of the pond. Six trails range from 1.5 to 2.4 miles.  The Terrace Pond North [blue] and the Terrace Pond South [yellow] trails can be combined with a portion of the Terrace Pond Circular Trail [white] to form a 5.2 mile loop hike.
    • Total miles of trails: 11

Click for detailed descriptions of hikes in the park.  Use the Web Map link above map of the west section; click here for the east section including Terrace Pond

  • The main entrance to Wawayanda State Park is off Warwick Turnpike, about two miles north of Upper Greenwood Lake.  The Appalachian Trail [white] can be accessed from a parking area off the Warwick Turnpike less than a half-mile north of the Park entrance, or [at its Western end] where NJ Route 94 and Prices Switch Road  [County 515] meet. 
  • High Breeze Farm Historic Site is reached via NJ 94 north to NY 94, just over state line  right on Barrett Road.
  • For Terrace Pond the most popular trailhead is at parking area P7 on the east side of Clinton Road, 7.5 miles north of NJ 23 and 1.7 miles south of Warwick Turnpike.
Contact Information:Wawayanda State Park
Region:Bearfort Ridge and Wawayanda
Fees:Some times and places; check with park

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Parking area P7 on Clinton Rd - for Terrace Pond trails

Take Note:  There is new signage in place at Parking P7 used for Terrace Pond Trails.  Vehicles parked before 8 a.m. and after 8 p.m. will be towed by West Milford PD and NJ State Park Police.  There is continual problem with illegal swimmers, graffiti and mounds of trash left behind.  This affects the enjoyment of others who wish to hike to and around the Pond.  This requires State employees and NYNJTC volunteers to continually remove mounds of garbage as well as covering graffiti.  Not to mention the need for Search & Rescue on a frequent basis.   Therefore, parking is restricted at P7 to Park hours only.  The other parking lot will eventually be completely closed and parking along the road shoulder will be prohibited.  

Virtual Tour of Wawayanda Cedar Swamp NJUrbanForest.com!

Check out a virtual tour of Wawayanda's Atlantic White Cedar Swamp on NJUrbanForest.com! http://njurbanforest.com/2013/07/10/hiking-wawayanda-state-parks-cedar-s... Plenty of Pictures!!

Terrace Pond North Trail from Warwick Tpke

This trail head and trail is on private property for several hundred feet.  Please take note that the property owner closes this trail head for one week annually from  Dec. 25th through Dec. 31st.    Please respect the owner's request and do not use this access for that week.   There are other routes from Clinton Rd.