10 Trail Conference maps combo

Price: $103.08
(postage/handling $6.00)


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Guide yourself to many great staycations and day trips!

Our new map combo allows you to purchase 10 out of 11 high-quality Trail Conference maps in one purchase. Get all except South Taconic (first digital version expected in early 2014). Save big on shipping charges -  just $6.00 when you buy the combo pack!

The package includes:

  • Catskill Trails
  • E Hudson Trail -
  • Harriman-Bear Mountain Trails
  • Hudson Palisades Trails
  • Kittatinny Trails
  • Jersey Highlands Trails
  • North Jersey Trails
  • Shawangunk Trails
  • Sterling Forest Trails
  • West Hudson Trails
  • S Taconic Trails currently not included - will be included later this year

 The following pages will help you figure out just which maps in the package you need:

Index map

Latest versions