11 Trail Conference maps combo

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Guide yourself to many great day trips and backpacking adventures with the complete set of Trail Conference maps! Place your web order today at the Hikers Market Place (hyperlink to place order)

With the addition of the new South Taconic Trails, our new map combo allows you to save big by purchasing all 10 high-quality Trail Conference maps at once. Your Trail Conference map package includes:

  • Catskill Trails
  • East Hudson Trail
  • Harriman-Bear Mountain Trails
  • Hudson Palisades Trails
  • Jersey Highlands Trails - 2016
  • Kittatinny Trails  (Delaware Water Gap to High Point)
  • North Jersey Trails
  • Shawangunk Trails
  • South Taconic Trails
  • Sterling Forest Trails
  • West Hudson Trails

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