Harriman Trails: A Guide and History

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Harriman Trails: A Guide and History

2010, 3rd ed.

Bill Myles' original book has been completely revised by Daniel Chazin. It is much more than a guide. Years of research have produced a fine history as well. Marked and unmarked trails, lakes, roads and mines are all covered in depth. A complete reference with many historical photos. 421 pages.

ISBN 978-1-880775-66-0.

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Book of loop hikes for Harriman coming

The Harriman Trails book has always served as the encyclopedia of Harriman and Bear Mountain State Parks' trails, describing each trail end-to-end, in alphabetic order and with excellent detail. I find it invaluable for that purpose.   The Trail Conference's newest book, Circuit Hikes in Harriman, will be the first comprehensive guide to loop hikes in Harriman/Bear Mountain. Covering the parks from top to bottom, it contains detailed trail maps, turn-by-turn directions, distances, elevations, historical notes, points of interest and photos. Most of the 34 hike chapters feature longer and shorter variations of each loop. Six of the chapters are designated for trail running and there is also one ski trail and an approved mountain bike loop in the book. Stay tuned... 

Harriman Trails

This is not a book about hiking the trails in Harriman. If you buy it as a hiking guide, you may be very disappointed. This book is just what the title says: a book about the trails themselves. This is for people who are familiar already with the wonderful network of trails in this beautiful park and want to gain an increased intimacy with them by being immersed in their fascinating history with a touch of geology and botany thrown in. Or it is for the firsttime hiker who enjoys knowing ahead of time something more than just GPS coordinates for a hike. This volume has been a wonderful addition to my outdoors library. It helps me and my hiking companions "smell the roses" in a profound way.

Not a substitute for the maps

This book is definitely not a subsitute for the maps and I wouldn't use it to plan a hike.  What I do is plan a hike using the Harriman maps and then I read about the trails I've chosen in this book.  The book gives me a sense of the overall experience of each of the different trails as well as their history.  I find it works as a nice companion. 

Harriman Trails - book

I bought this book. it is woefully poor on details. Everything assumes you know the area as well as the authors and there are no reference points or GPS settings to see where you start and finish. They use trail names and folksy descriptions like "turn by the Rock" . Don't buy this book without confirming it is what you want - very frustrating.