Trail Supervisor


The Trail Supervisor has the primary responsibility for assuring that the trails in the assigned area are maintained in good condition and provide a positive hiking experience for the public. The Trail Supervisor reports to the Local Trail Committee (LTC) Chair.

  1. Trail Management

    1. Be familiar with all trails in the assigned area and inspect them periodically, usually once each year, depending on trail conditions.

    2. Obtain Trail Maintenance Reports from each maintainer according to the established schedule. Prepare the Supervisor Summary and send it to the LTC Chair.

    3. Submit  maintainer appointment and vacancy forms, Trail Update information for new or relocated trails, and reports on illegal trail usage as required.

  2. Volunteer resources

    1. Appoint, train and supervise Trail Maintainers for trails in the assigned area and communicate regularly with the maintainers. For club-maintained trails, work with the club Trails Chair.

    2. Work with the LTC Chair and Regional Program Coordinator to fill vacant maintainer positions.

    3. Replace maintainers whose work does not meet Trail Conference standards if attempts to work with them to improve their skills are unsuccessful.

    4. Solve problems beyond the ability of maintainers, including working with qualified sawyers to remove large blowdowns and with the LTC Chair to request Trail Crew or other help as needed.

  3. Land manager relations

    1. In consultation with LTC Chair, work with land managers to discuss and assess trail system needs and priorities..

  4. Planning

    1. Attend and actively participate in meetings of the Regional Trails Council (RTC) and other groups which may exist in your region.

    2. Working with the LTC Chair, identify and address longer-term trail needs in the assigned area.

  5. Training

    1. After appointment, attend TC Supervisor Training and Roundtable when offered. Attendance is encouraged at additional training workshops such as chain saw certification, trail construction, and first aid.

Commitment Type: 
Long Term
Duration of Assignment: 
Appointment by Trail Chair: Minimum of one year
As required
Location Type: 
On Trail
Work Site: 
On and Off Trail
Trail Chair
Age Requirements: 
18 and older
Trail Work