Volunteer Opportunities On-trail


Make a visible impact and feel rewarded by volunteering for the NY-NJ Trail Conference on the trails! Available on-trail vacancies are listed below.

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Trail Supervisor: Shawangunk Ridge Trail - V103

Help run the Ridge. We are in need of a trail supervisor on the Shawagunk Ridge in Orange County NY. Curently a lot of new and exciting  things are happening in this region. Metro North RR serves the north and south ends of the available area. Also overnight camping is allowed on state forest land along the trails.

Southern Shawangunk Ridge 07/03/2015
Harriman and Bear Mountain State Park Trail Maintainer

Come volunteer in one of the most historic parks in our region

Harriman Bear Mountain 12/29/2014
North West Jersey Trail Maintainer

Enjoy breathtaking views while helping to maintain the trails in West Jersey

North West Jersey 12/29/2014
North Jersey Trail Maintainer

Come join us in preserving the Hiking Trail in historic North Jersey 

North Jersey 12/29/2014
North East Jersey Trail Maintainer

Enjoy maintaining the trails just outside New York City while feeling like your hours away from New York City. 

North East New Jersey 12/29/2014
West Hudson Trail Maintainer

Come help us protect amazing hikes for every skill level. 

Western half of the Hudson Valley 12/29/2014
Catskill Park Volunteer

Volunteer in the Catskill Park!

Volunteers in the Catskill Park are responsible for a number of stewardship activities including work on trails, lean-tos, fire towers, fishing areas, boat launches and more.  

Catskill Forest Preserve 03/21/2014
Trail Maintainer; Pequannock Watershed

Two remote  trail sections in the Pequannock Watershed are in need of TLC.  Clipping/lopping/blazing are needed.  Strong hikers who like 'back country' will enjoy these two sections.  

Bring a friend and work as a team if desired for both sections.   

Pequannock Watershed 08/23/2013
AT Endangered Plant Monitor

A new Appalachian Trail opportunity.

Harriman State Park, NY area 04/03/2013
Invasives Strike Force Volunteer

Last year more than 100 volunteers surveyed over 210 miles of trail for invasive plants!

various parks 04/01/2013
Trail Maintainer: Staten Island - V06

Help repair and maintain a section of the beautiful Staten Island Greenbelt Circular Trail.

Staten Island, NY 03/25/2013
Trail Maintainer: Catskills - V34

Follow a scenic cascade through a valley or a rugged trail to mountain views - get involved and join the Trail Conference volunteers and member clubs who maintain over 200 miles of trails in the Catskill Park and the neighboring Catskill Mountains region.  

Catskill Forest Preserve 03/25/2013
Trail Maintainer: Long Path North - V54

Would you like to maintain a section of the famous Long Path?

Long Path - Catskills North 03/25/2013
Trail Maintainer: Minnewaska State Park - V79

Scenic points, cliffs, hills, kills, and carriageways!

Minnewaska State Park 03/25/2013
Lean-to Caretaker: Catskills - V73

The Trail Conference is responsible for the maintenance of 28 lean-tos in the Catskill Park.  Volunteers help maintain the lean-to, clean up the surrounding site and keep side trails and overflow campsites open and accessible.  

Catskill Forest Preserve 03/25/2013
Trail Maintainer: Highlands Trail - V86

A trail built to highlight what's best about our region. Only one thing is missing--you!

NY & NJ 03/25/2013
Trail Maintainer: Lenape Trail - V89

This New Jersey trail is a real hidden gem.

Essex County, NJ 03/25/2013
Trail Mainainter FDR Park

Fun Multiuse trail looking for maintainers 

Westchester County 03/25/2013
Trail Maintainer: Shawangunk Ridge Trail- V64

Give back to the Gunks.

Shawangunk Ridge 03/17/2013
Trail Maintainers for Hanover Farm and Environmental Center

Maintainer wanted for great trails near their own backyard 


Hanover Farm and Environmental Center 03/11/2013
Trail Supervisor: Catskills - V98

Join the team that maintains over 200 miles of backcountry trails.

Catskill Forest Preserve 06/27/2012
Trail Supervisor: High Point State Park - V95

Can you fill one of New Jersey's highest positions?

High Point State Park 03/08/2012
Trail Supervisor: Jenny Jump - V97

Would you jump at the chance to be supervisor here?

Jenny Jump State Forest 03/08/2012
Corridor Monitor: AT Dutchess South Lands - V22

Just 1 vacancy remains to monitor the trail lands boundaries in the Taconic section of the AT.

AT - Dutchess South, near Pawling 03/06/2011
Corridor Monitor: AT Dutchess Middle Lands - V23

Monitor the trail lands boundaries in the Nuclear Lake section of the AT.

AT - Dutchess Middle Lands 03/06/2011
Corridor Monitor: AT Putnam Section - V10

Monitor Putnam AT trail lands boundaries.

AT - Putnam Section 03/05/2011