HT NY West of Hudson 2: Goose Pond Mountain State Park to Passaic County 511

No Highlands Trail map available at this time. See "Sterling Forest Trails" in our map store. 

Length: 18.3 miles           Click on the Camera Icon icon in the text for photos.


Alert: The HT section on Bellvale Mountain has been closed. Do not attempt to follow the old route. The landowners take tresspassing seriously, and you will be confronted. A temporary road walk has been blazed.

Leaving Goose Pond Mountain State Park, turn left onto Laroe Road and follow it for 1.4 miles to Trout Brook Road. Turn right on Trout Brook Road and follow it for .7 miles to a sharp left bend where it becomes Camp Monroe Road. Follow this for .3 miles to Lakes Road (CR 5). Turn right onto Lakes Road, and follow it for 1.7 miles to where the Appalachian Trail (white) crosses the road 32 miles from Cornwall. Parking is available at this spot.

There are no Highlands Trail blazes along the Appalachian Trail, from Lakes Road to Mombasha High Point.

Turn left to follow the northbound Appalachian Trail (white) for 1.5 miles, past Fitzgerald Falls Fitzgerald Falls to the junction with the Allis Trail at 5.6 miles, just before Mombasha High Point. Turn right onto the co-aligned Allis (blue) and Highlands Trails, View from Allis Trail following them to NY 17A at 9.7 miles. Parking is available here.

Cross 17A and continue on the co-aligned Sterling Ridge (blue on white) and Highlands Trails for 8.6 miles, passing the Sterling Fire Tower, Sterling Fire Tower View from Sterling Fire Tower  crossing into New Jersey Border crossing and coming to the junction of East Shore Road and County 511 (Greenwood Lake Turnpike) at 18.3 miles, where there is parking.

ALERT: The Sterling Ridge / Highlands Trail bridge over the Wanaque River just north of County 511 in NJ is washed out. A temporary river crossing on large rocks has been blazed about one hundred feet upstream from the missing bridge. This may be difficult or impossible to cross at times of high water or icy conditions. Check river crossing conditions before attempting a one-way hike from NY 17A to NJ 511.

ALERT 7/26/15: The Sterling Ridge Trail / HT trail head on Route 511 has been closed by the state. A temporary reroute, which includes a short road walk on Route 511, has been blazed.

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