Procedure for linking to data files and images

I suggest we use either one of the two methods below as the creator deems appropriate for the time being. Once we've migrated to D6 we can address this issue more thoroughly. I'll add it to the "Requirements- deferred" list.


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yes that works but it doesn't collect all the info about which version of the pdf is on the web. We have a similar problem in just inserting pictures into text fields where we have no info about who took the picture, when and where. We could augment the image content type with more fields to record this sort of info.

I don't want to pursue either of these issues to vigorously as the problem changes somewhat on D6.
On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 10:27 AM, Georgette Weir <[email protected]> wrote:
This may be relevant to a somewhat different scenario, but this is how I add pdfs to a page:


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Subject: [Web-content] FW: Changing a link on a page

Yes, Phil -

I would use the Paper Form content type to place the pdf on the Web site. It enables you to access and maintain the file without having to ask for Walt's intervention.

Once you have created the Paper Form page, you can link to it or directly to the attached file itself (by opening the paper form then right clicking on the link for the file then displaying its Properties to expose the link that you can then cut and paste where you want it.


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If ever I wanted to upload a pdf file for a park and provide a link to it, is this the procedure I should use?


Kenneth Malkin wrote:
I was able to create a Paper Form page and attached the .pdf to it. Then I linked the Trail Project Trip Report .pdf to that Paper Form Page. That works, but since the link opens the Paper Form page instead of the file attached to the page you have to click again on the attachment to get to the form. Not the best way for our volunteers to get at forms.

Walt-While we lesser mortals are learning the right way to do all this, could you please stuff O:\Trails\Trail Management\Trail Manage Guide\Ch4Maint&TripForms\FormsForTMG2010Revision\ 5TrailProjTripformA.pdf onto the site so that it is linked to the Trail Project Trip Report Form?

Ann- I believe GAIA is the name of the office computer Network Drives where our common files are stored, such as the TMG. On my remote connection, My Computer shows kmalkin on 'gaia\users' and office on 'gaia'. I have no idea where that name came from.


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Subject: FW: Changing a link on a page


Re:" I read the instruction you posted on, but I still don't get it."

I looked at what I wrote and it really was missing some context. I've updated it to hopefully be clearer. Let me know if you understand it now.

Re: where the revised pdf goes:

You've hit on an area that I think we need to document better for content volunteers like you. I think Walt used several strategies along the way to store files, resulting in the current inconsistencies. For most of those strategies, I think you had to send him the file so he could stuff it onto the server- not a procedure I'd recommend continuing.

There is now a "Paper Forms" content type that allows anyone to add a file to the database with descriptive information. That's what I used for the Wholesale Orders (see for what I did). I think that is a good mechansim to use to place your new pdf on the Web site..

I am copying the content team on this email as I don't know that we've all agreed to use this mechanism going forward ... if this is the new way to add pdf's, doc's and such, we should put something in the site user guide to that effect. This is a topic for the next Web content status call.

P.S. I am not familiar with GAIA ... what is it?

From: Kenneth Malkin [mailto:[email protected]]
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To: Ann Gruhn
Subject: Changing a link on a page

I'm trying to change the link to the .pdf for Trail Project Trip Report**. The new file is O:\Trails\Trail Management\Trail Manage Guide\Ch4Maint&TripForms\FormsForTMG2010Revision\5TrailProjTripformA.pdf. I read the instruction you posted on, but I still don't get it.

Evidently forms are now in /volunteers/documents/ or /forms/, but I have no idea how to get them there from GAIA.

Can you help me out, please.