Long Path Guide (softcopy)

The online version has been completely revised in December 2012. Jakob Franke

The printed version of the Long Path Guide
(Revised 5
th Edition of 2005, ISBN 1-880775-31-X) is obsolete.

Front matter

Hudson Palisades

1. New York City (West 175th Street Station) to NY-NJ State Line

2. NY-NJ State Line to Nyack

3. Nyack to Long Clove

4. Long Clove to Mt. Ivy

The Hudson Highlands

5. Mt. Ivy to Lake Skannatati

6. Lake Skannatati to US Route 6

7. US Route 6 to NY Route 32 (Town of Woodbury)

8. NY Route 32 (Town of Woodbury) to Heritage Trail in Monroe

Orange County and the Shawangunks

9. Heritage Trail (Orange County rail-trail)

10. Heritage Trail in Goshen to Mountain Road in Greenville

11. Mountain Road in Greenville to the Basha Kill

12. Basha Kill to Ferguson Road

13. Ferguson Road to Sam's Point (Sam's Point is currently closed)

14. Sam's Point to Berme Road (Port Ben)

Southern Catskills

15. Berme Road to Riggsville

16. Riggsville to Bull Run

17. Bull Run to Denning Road

18. Denning Road to Wittenberg Mountain

19. Wittenberg Mountain to Phoenicia

20. Phoenicia to Silver Hollow Notch

Central Catskills

21. Silver Hollow Notch to Platte Clove Road

22. Platte Clove Road to Palenville

23. Palenville to North Lake State Campground

24. North Lake State Campground to Batavia Kill

25. Batavia Kill to NY Route 23

26. NY Route 23 to Greene County Route 10

Northern Catskills

27. Greene County Route 10 to South Mountain Road in Conesville, Schoharie County

28. South Mountain Road in Conesville, Schoharie County to West Conesville

29. West Conesville to Doney Hollow

30. Doney Hollow to West Fulton

31. West Fulton to Middleburgh

Capital District

32. Middleburgh to Albany County Line

33. Albany County Line to Switz Kill

34. Switz Kill to East Berne

35. East Berne to John Boyd Thacher State Park  Current end for the "end-to-end" certificate.

36. John Boyd Thacher State Park to Christman Sanctuary

37. Christman Sanctuary to Featherstonhaugh State Forest

38. Featherstonhaugh State Forest to the Mohawk River

North of the Mohawk River

39. Mohawk River to Saratoga County

40. Saratoga County to the Northville-Placid Trail

Shawangunk Ridge Trail

G1. High Point State Park, NJ to Lake Hawthorne in Greenville, NY

G2. Lake Hawthorne in Greenville, NY to the Long Path

Back Matter

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