System build notes

Ubercart catalog images

8/8/2010 Bill

For each of the product content types like books, maps, combos, decals you need to go to the edit page for that type and click on the "Ubercart product settings" in the panel on the left and then select image from the Product image field drop down list and save the settings. In all our products, that setting was set to "none". Now the variables needed are created and the images show up in the catalog listings.

Blocks setup did not migrate

8/6/2010 Bill

The blocks configuration for the left and right sidebars and header did not migrate with the database reload. I attempted to add the member login block to the left sidebar and it is broken. It appeared as code and not rendered. Did not check further yet, but removed that block from the left sidebar.

Importing saved views

8/6/2010 Bill

This morning I imported the views that I had saved and that went very smoothly. Once imported, their status was changed to "imported" in the import list. I had 17 views to import and they took about 30-40 minutes, most of which was waiting for drupal to process the import and then save it. Process is copy saved view text, paste into import textarea and click import. Drupal then swallows that stuff and eventually returns an edit page for that view. Then you just save the view and another wait until save is complete and then on to the next import.

Copying Files directory



  • Created rsyncfiles shell script to do the rsync. in /home/nynjtc
  • Putty to (main site)
  • sudo bash
  • su
  • ./rsyncfiles (copies all changed files) Watch for errors and fix
  • chown -R nynjtcn:nynjtcn /home/nynjtcn/ (change the ownership of all the files)

Turning off all contrib modules

SELECT * FROM `system` WHERE `filename` LIKE 'sites/all/modules%' AND `status` = 1 

Core migration (Walt)


  • Load of database took more than 15 minute
  • Came up in a state where you couldn't logon - fix modify update.php to allow anyone to run it
  • Ran update until no more updates applied (glitch - imagefield and filefield not turned on so got errors and couldn't complete updates - fix turn them on) Long term fix is to install filefield on D5 so they are both present and on in database. In D6 they depend on each other and if one missing both turned off. 
  • CiviCRM was turned on - should be off until ready to use it. Causes errors.
  • System comes up in Garland but no themes are enabled. This causes errors. Fix is make Garland default and allow selection of Trails-Zen.
  • Trails-Zen does not work WSOD. Assigned to Bill
  • All panel pages are not found - including home page. Our panel definitions not copied to D6 because in non-standard place. Assigned to Walt
  • Noted that view pages also not found - no info why
  • Turn on a few modules
    • jqueryUI needed by our theme (missing files)
    • update status so we are aware of underlying system changes and track them- disabled on bring up because of D5-6 changes in how this works. Potential warning - got out of memory error while enabling - may have to increase memory size.
  • Newer versions of several modules available - need to install.
  • Other problems discovered
    • duplicate menu items
    • viewing navigation menu causes out of memory (may be hint that other memory failures while updating caused hidden damage).
    • no primary or secondary links
    • only system views present - ours gone.
    • individual hikes viewable (without theming) but at least one picture missing - may be too long a filename problem)
    • cron aborting for exceeding time limit
    • lots of missing files in log
    • Store code partially working - missing images on products (may be theming issue), checkout page not found. Membership ok - just formating issues, Donate now present but no submit button.

 4/23/2010 try 2 of import knowing above problems

  • Edited database to turn off all contrib modules before trying to update
  • Run update just to core
  • Enable and update contrib a few at a time until all updated
  • Set Garland as default and TrailsZen as available

Initial problems noted

  • Most panels work but front page does not (Garland)
  • TrailsZen dies 
  • Out of memory 3/25 Increased to 512M 3/26
  • PHP errors and not found pages in log
  • Menus a mess (maybe because base has two by same name) (only Garland)
  • Views need upgrade done
  • No images on products (were on 2/9 port)
  • Ubercart needs certificate
  • Donate page not working - module missing 3/25
  • Store Administration images handling 3/25 (seems to not like product images in files directory)
  • Group pages do not display properly 3/25

Things fixed post reload

  • Configure WYSIWYG (allowing user to select default doesn't allow) 
  • SSL Certificate installed 3/25
  • Ubercart conditional actions has a convert step - ran it. 3/25
  • Load and enable uc_donation 3/25 (needs theming as does membership)
  • Ubercart only works for u=1 3/25 permission problem 3/26 turned off field permissions and now works.
  • Permission denied to catalog pages 3/26 Turned on new permission to view catalog. Also permissions for viewing imagecache - not sure of this one as no visible effect.
  • Reloaded D5 into D6a database, changed contrib modules to not active, changed settings.php to point to new database and set update access to TRUE
  •  run update.php
    • An error occurred. <br /> <b>Fatal error</b>: Call to undefined function content_fields() in <b>/home/nynjtcn/public_html/</b> on line <b>72</b><br /> (ignored and restarted)
    • An error occurred. <br /> <b>Fatal error</b>: Call to a member function override_option() on a non-object in <b>/home/nynjtcn/public_html/</b> on line <b>22</b><br /> (delete views and views_calc)
    • go to /user and login as webmaster
    • goto /admin - modules or theme fails until og deleted
    • set theme to garland and enable trails-zen2
    • enable admin menu to make rest easier
    • enable more core modules (update)
    • enable most of cck (update)
    • enable ctools (update)
    • enable date and image (update)
    • enable most of other category (update)
    • got into trouble with panels (turned on above by something) (ctools and panels need to be deleted and reloaded
    • reload views - enable views (update)
    • enable a bunch of small stuff (update)
    • reload view_calc (update)
    • reload ctools, panels enable (update)
    • reload og - enable (update)
    • enable ubercart modules (update) do in pieces - times out if too many
    • set update access to FALSE
    • Turn on our theme - nasty side effect of disabling many modules - had to reenable
    • Region blocks - many not enabled
      • Enable and check 
        • Member login broken (php no filter) FIXED core module not enabled
        • Group Details and Group Notifications missing
        • Current Signups missing
        • Support missing line items (php no filter) FIXED core module not enabled
        • Calendar Switcher
      • Too many right sidebar on
      • Two named Navigation - turn off right one (fix on D5)
    • Config modules
      • WYSIWYG - remove rich text and use full html, add better formats to control  what auth and anon can do (and who can php)
      • Ubercart 
        • run Conditional Actions conversions
        • turn on anonymous checkout on checkout config page
      • Getid3 needs setting (remove one level of folder)
      • Many new modules need permissions set
        • Content field permissions - really tedious because we have so many fields, Temporarily turned off module so I don't have to set the permissions. Revisit when we need the feature.
    • Update more views
      • Trail_news
      • map_trails
      • news_advocacy
      • Issues
      • news-items
      • items_about _us
      • science
      • course catalog
      • courses (not known if used anywhere)
      • courses table (not known if used anywhere)
      • reviews
      • meetings
      • meeting ATCC
      • meeting pubs
      • meeting web
      • meeting committee by argument - should be only meeting view
    • Og_panels has a bunch more new content behaviors that need to be enabled.
    • Views has a lot more views that can be enabled - particularly ubercart views. Do not enable frontpage. 

Theming (Bill)

What I did to make the nynjtc theme work with Drupal 6 theme site Jan 2010

Following directions from the readme.txt file in the Zen theme:

  • Turned off CSS and Javascript optimization for the theme site.
  • Created a theme folder under and named it trails2_zen.
  • Copied the Zen STARTERKIT directory contents to trails2_zen.
  • Modified the sample .info file from the Zen STARTERKIT. Added references to trails.css, style.css and icons.css. Also added region "above_tabs". Changed references to STARTERKIT in the info file to trails2_zen.
  • Copied the trails.css, style.css, icons.css and layout.css from the old trails_zen theme to the new theme.
  • Copied the zen.css file to our new theme and renamed it trails2_zen.css.
  • Copied print.css and html-elements.css from the Zen theme to our theme.
  • Installed tabs module because tabs functionality used on hikes,etc pages was moved to a seperate module in D6.
  • Modified the template.php file from STARTERKIT to incorporate page, node, and comment preprocessing functions from the old trails_zen theme template.php. This included breaking out the large switch statment into seperate units and plugging them into the appropriate sections in the template.php file from STARTERKIT. Copied breadcrumb processing intact from the old theme (this may be broken). Added tabset and tabpage functions from in the tabs module so that tabs on hikes and parks, etc would work with new tabs module. Lots of stuff relating to ubercart checkout, login, registration forms have not been ported over yet.
  • Copied all of the *.tpl.php files over to the new theme from the old theme.
  • Modified the statement in page.tpl.php to make language reference match D6 requirements. Changed references to "sidebar-right" and "sidebar-left" to use "left" and "right" to match D6 requirements.
  • Modified the trails.css file to reflect changes in tab class naming from new tabs module.
  • 2/14/2010 Modified trails.css further to make the region page look more like the hikes and parks pages. Width of content left of images was very narrow and background color not consistent with the other pages.

The above steps provided the basic look and feel for the theme. More required tweaks will probably be uncovered during testing with real data.

Converting Hikes and Parks views (Bill)

  1. Go to Site building/Views/Tools/Convert.
  2. Choose the view to convert and click "convert".
  3. You will be presented with an edit page. Look for "Broken/missing handler" message in the Filters area.
  4. Click on "Broken/missing handler" link and note the field that has the problem. Do this for each broken handler link.
  5. Click "+" to add a new field to replace a broken one. A list of possible fields will be displayed. You may narrow the list by choosing a filter such as "content". Some of the field names are duplicate. Be sure to choose the correct one for the table you are working on (hike, park, etc.).
  6. Set up the added field to create the desired behavior in the finished product.
  7. Change the label if necessary.
  8. Go back and click on a "Broken/missing handler" link. Select remove. Do this for each one you corrected in the above steps.
  9. Save the page.

This takes about 20-30 mins for the first one. The rest are quicker because you now know what you are doing - more or less.

Which views to convert (Eric)

  • Hike_table_NY (Bill - converted)
  • Hike_table_NJ (Bill - converted)
  • Parks_table_NY (Bill - converted)
  • Parks_table_NJ (Bill - converted)
  • Parks_table 
  • Hike_table
  • Calendar (Walt not enabled, enabled it, not showing right events) 
  • Meeting 
  • Hike_region (uses argument)
  • park_comments