Trail Updates

Trail Update Process

The process to update a trail requires that the requirements in Section 4 of the Trails Policy be followed and that two forms be submitted to the appropriate Regional Program Coordinator (Regional Representative).

This form must be used when planning any physical work for any new or major relocation of a trail which will require Trails Council approval and/or any change to one of our publications. Physical work must not begin until approved by the appropriate Trails Chair. Please be familiar with the requirements in Section 4 of the Trails Policy before submission of this form.

The Preliminary Trail Update Approval Request process and all physical work must be completed before submitting this form.

You must attach a map with GPS measurement data. Wheel measurement is desirable. Follow the specifications in “How To Measure a Trail” and include enough detail to write a trail description. GPS data must be provided per GPS Data Collection Standards and submitted per GPS Waypoint Data Worksheet Both of these documents are available on our website at For assistance contact your Regional Project Coordinator (Regional Representative)