Wonder Lake State Park Trails Project

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Please notify next trail building project in Wonder Lake

Greetings Andrew / Leigh:   I would like to be notified via email when you are planning the next phase / trail building project in Wonder Lake State Park.  I met and spoke w/ Andrew at lenght abouit the park and trails on the opening (unofficial) of the Blue (Orchard) Trail since I was the first to walk down it when it was being cleared/raked for hikers to begin using.  I'm interested in the eastern portion that is planned for the next phase, and if there wll be any maintainance of the existing old carriage roadways (unmarked) or additional contecting trails established between portions of the park.  Thanks to all that expanded the trails and made enhancements to the exisiting ones in Wonder Lake, it sure has come a long way!      Vic 'aka Yukon'