Trail Conditions after the October 2011 snow storm

Like Yorktown, the trails in the parks were hit hard with the snow breaking branches and felling whole trees onto the trails. Volunteers have been working on opening the trails in Sylvan Glen, Granite Knolls, and Woodlands, as quickly as possible and many are now open. We have not gotten to Turkey Mountain as of 11/4/11 to check those trails so their status is unknown. If you see a problem on any of the trails please fill out a Trail Problem report from, Please make sure you describe the problem as to type of tree and some feature that it is near. One saw crew is out of town 11/5-14 so we may not get to it until after that.

If the trail you try to use has not been cleared yet, please be very careful in working your way around any blowdowns as some of them are dangerous. Some block enough of the trail that finding where it goes may be a challenge. If in doubt, just turn back and use one of the other trails.

Here are some photos of what to expect.

Before On the High Quarry Trail in Sylvan Glen:Blue trail Sylvan Glen near rock bridge



Blue trail Sylvan Glen near rock bridge - after


If you are logged onto the website, you can comment below and let others know what you observed.