ATCC October 12, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - 9:30am - 12:00pm
  1. Review of the minutes of the last meeting, 2/9/2011; see copy at
  2. Status update of documents (broken record department): NY MOU, NJ MOU, Management Plan Consolidation
  3. MARPC Meeting (Shartleville, PA 10/22/11) Items
    1. Proposals and/or specific agenda items (awaiting info from MARPC, hope to have more info before our meeting)
    2. 1-minute summary for each NY-NJ AT Committee (PLEASE PREPARE AND BRING TO --THIS-- MEETING!)--OR EMAIL in ADVANCE of THIS meeting to the group
    3. Attendance plans (who's going, and how?)
    4. Trails to Every Classroom (this year, future years)
  4. Mid-Atlantic Management-Related Items
    1. AT Community designation for Warwick/Greenwood Lake (Gene)
    2. Bear Mountain project status (Gail, staff)
    3. Swamp River boardwalk status, including Mid-Atlantic Crew involvement (Jim)
    4. Wallkill Bridge proposal status (Chris? Gene?)
    5. 2010 LL Bean Grant extensions--status? (Jim)
    6. 2011 LL Bean Grants status and ongoing activities (Jim)
    7. 2012 LL Bean Grants to Clubs: any planned submissions (NJ Map?;
    8. Hikers Crossing signs?;others?)
  5. NY-NJ Issues/Items: Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary AT Hike (Ron, others)
  6. Funding issues: 5-year plan updates: current project progress, possible new projects?
  7. Current problems, projects, & issues
  8. Schedule 2012 meeting dates
Gene Giordano, Ron Rosen, Ed Goodell, Jim Haggett, Gail Neffinger, L Wheelock. (Leigh Draper, Chris Ingui and Karen Lutz, by phone). Ed left at 10:15
Status of Minutes: 

The meeting was called to order approximately 9:45AM by chair Ron Rosen..


  1. Review of the minutes of the last meeting, 2/9/2011;

No revisions needed.


  1. Status update of documents (broken record department): NY MOU, NJ MOU, Management Plan Consolidation:

Karen’s understanding is that Rita Hennessy and Bob Proudman where supposed to move it forward, but Rita has been busy. Karen will look into the NY MOU status with Harpers Ferry office.

Ed indicated that we’ve been told by our agency partners that the MOU is expired and not in effect. Ed indicated that the status is that changes were made, then questions were raised by NPS. Subsequently, Bob P sent out another version with NPS changes but which did not show all the other changes which had been inserted into the current draft.

Ron: Regarding the NJ MOU Chris was to contact Gaylord to see he’d be willing to get started with the contact list for the NJ version. Chris has not contacted him on this yet.

Larry indicated that we may need to begin the contact list process over in NY due to the delays. 


Gail asked what the status of our local combined LMP is. Ron said he’d not finished  it. Gail would be willing to help with this, and similarly Rick Loggia and George Perkinson would be willing to help.


3. MARPC Meeting (Shartlesville, PA  10/22/11) Items

    a. Proposals and/or specific agenda items:

RE MARPC agenda

  • Ron asked Karen what the “Trail Project NEPA and Management Approval” item on the agenda referred to, and specifically if the presence on the agenda signaled a coming change in NPS or ATC procedures. Karen noted that Brent Allen, the new Environmental Protection Specialist in the NPS AT Park Office may have some new ideas and approaches, and will be presenting some of them at this meeting.
  • Food Storage item: Karen indicated that the ATC has been working on this through the Grants to Clubs and is  doing research on what works and what doesn’t
  • Girl Scouts 100 anniversary AT Hike in Bits and Pieces program: Ron indicated he would be on the agenda at the MARPC to present the current state of the cooperation between the Girl Scouts and the AT community. The active part of the program starts on March 12, 2012 (the actual 100th anniversary of the first Girl Scout meeting) and runs to the end of October, 2012 (the birthday of the founder of the Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low). Ron mentioned that he doesn’t need 60 minutes of the MARPC meeting time for this, and Karen indicated that was a mistake in the draft agenda; Ron said 30 minutes should be satisfactory. Ron noted that the Virginia Skyline council of the Girl Scouts (the organizers of the 100th Anniversary Hike) have been able to reserve all six group campsite areas at Pine Grove Furnace State Park (PA), near the AT midpoint, for a celebration/camporee on the weekend of July 13-15, 2012.
  • AT community nominations: – Gail will cover discussions of the Warwick application at the MARPC meeting. Karen indicated that there are a number of applications in the Mid-Atlantic region and there will some challenge to keeping them all sustainable and have a genuine connection to the community. She specifically noted that PATC’s llist of communities is growing quite long and this might be a concern.
  • Karen indicated that Bear Issues are now region wide and will be discussed.
  • Ferneau house removal issue. Gail asked if there is money? Bob Proudman had told Gail that the NPS was having difficulty fulfilling the contracting responsibility, and would be turning some of the process back to ATC. Karen was not aware of this and will check on it. 


    b. 1-minute summary for each NY-NJ AT

Ron indicated that none have been sent to him yet. Karen commented that the NYNJTC has a lot to report on. She asked for some photos of work done specifically of the Swamp River Project. Send material including reports and photos to Ron to compile for a summary report. (Karen recommended bringing our own laptop as a backup)


    c. Attendance plans (who's going, and how?)

Attending: Leigh, Ron, Walt and Gail.  Gene will call Dan Hoberman to see if he plans to attend.


     d. Trails to Every Classroom (this year, future years)

Ron asked that we have some advance notice when the ATC is cutting off applications for new program participation for the year. Ron asked if Karen knew about next year’s program yet. Karen indicated that it was her understanding next year they would concentrate on an “Alumni Re-engagement” program. She indicated that she would like to focus on NY in 2013. Gene has contacts in Warwick for future programs in Greenwood Lake and Warwick.


4.  Mid-Atlantic Management-Related Items


     a. AT Community designation for Warwick/Greenwood Lake (Gene) 

Gene indicated that another community outreach event happening this weekend. There have been two library presentations which went very well – attendance 35 at first and 70 at the second. Press releases were done in advance which helped people know what it was about. A number of people signed up for additional information. Gene wants to get the schools involved to try to combat the ATV issue through the students. He indicated that we could do this on our own without the TTEC program if necessary. To the question of who’s going to be running the TTEC program in the future? Karen indicated that she was not sure. She went on to mention that a bunch of teachers are in place from NY and NJ and will be approached in the Alumni programming. When asked who will be invited to this Karen indicated that all alumni will be approached.  


    b. Bear Mountain project status (Gail, staff)

Chris and Gail: Irene did not do much damage. Larry indicated that all the structures held up well, that this year’s work plans are being met and that work is scheduled to end close to the end of October. He commented that while working on the lower segment of the completed AT with volunteers on Saturday, Oct 8 they estimated that about 1000 hikers would pass their work site that day. 

Larry asked about the upper east face funding. Chris said that we need 94 K to complete what’s left from the cull-d-sac to the summit. Larry asked to set up a November project to walk the remainder of the trail to assess exactly what will be done with existing resources and what will remains to be done with new funding. Gail would prefer a Mon or Friday to do this. It was suggested that this be done with Bob Sickley, Karin Lutz, Gail Neffinger, Eddie Walsh and Larry. Larry will coordinate.


    c. Swamp River boardwalk status, including Mid-Atlantic Crew involvement (Jim)

Jim indicated that the ATC crew left this week. Helical piers were completed out to the bridge. The decking for the bridge is not completed nor is the railing. Bob Sickley indicated that he does have some funds left which might be used to complete work before end of this year. Ron indicated that they have a lot of pier extensions left over. Metro North RR folks showed up and indicated that they will help smooth the RR crossing but, they did not want to talk about handicap accessibility. It was estimated that one more week of MA Crew time is needed to drive piers toward RR tracks (about 150 Ft). Karen said possibly spring in the spring. Casey Reese and Karen feel they did an excellent job and she thanked Jim and his crew for a great job. It was indicated that rough cut white Oak used and Larry suggested that this should be considered for Pochuck boardwalk re-decking.


    d. Wallkill Bridge proposal status:

Karen has been in contact with Dave Reus and is waiting to see what happens with Fed funds form Fed Highway funding. There is a potential for some other funding as well. The next step is for an EA to be done. Contract with the planners has expired and Dave is looking for additional funds to renew. Once EA is done a preferred alternative can be chosen. Five to ten years to go on this project.


Grants to Clubs (LL Bean): Karen indicated that they would be announced at the end of Nov with a deadline end of Jan. To the question of what the funding amounts might be Karen indicated that the funding has been consistent over the years.   


    e. 2010 LL Bean Grant extensions—status: The Dutchess/Putnam Map/Brochure grant was awarded in 2010 and is now operating on a one-year extension. Leigh noted that the online product described in the grant application now exists, and is available for downloading. She noted that essentially all of the grant funding has been spent. However, the D/P AT committee still wants a physical printed map that combines the online versions into a single product, and this version is not yet complete, although a lot of work has gone into this product to date. (it was noted that the Mid-Hudson ADK has funding  ($500?) dedicated to printing this map/brochure when ready. It was suggested that, unless we can complete this phase before the end of the year, that perhaps we should ask for another extension for this phase [or write up the grant report based on the work to date].


    f.  2011 LL Bean Grants status and ongoing activities:

Tim Messerich grant for tools has been delayed as vendors were stalled by Irene. Chris Ingui indicated that the money can be spent on the tools immediately  (within a few days) if needed. The grantees will need to do a final report which would indicate overage if necessary.


    g. 2012 LL Bean Grants to Clubs: any planned:

Deadline is Jan 31, 2012 for funding coming through about May.

  1. Gail would like to revisit the Corridor Monitor safety vest issue as a ecognition for corridor monitors – wants an orange blaze vest with insignia sewn on for each Monitor. About 10 monitors O/R, about 20 in D/P, about 5 in NJ. Gene suggested going a different direction by buying disposable ones with printed patches. Gail will get will research further for pricing, (will ultimately need three quotes for the vests) and write a grant proposal for high end with the possibility of buying lower if only partially funded.
  2. Gene would like enough for four power weed trimmers. Chris could get one or so with available funds but not likely 4. Could cost $300 ea or more.  Chris and Gene will develop the proposal.
  3. Gene has received permission for a high point S. P. mouldering privy installation which would be about $1500 and would like to submit that application also. Gene will draft the application form.


5. NY-NJ Issues/Items:

  • Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary AT Hike (Ron, others)

It was indicating that information for such things as hiking difficulty etc. could be part of our outreach to the Girl Scout councils in NY and NJ. Ron indicated that an effort is being made to get inexperienced people out on the hikes. The plan is to have programs set up regionally where the Trail Conference would provide some training to GS leaders. We could also plan to get some written brochures out as well. We will provide some AT Guides and Maps to the four regional leaders. Larry will follow through with this once Ron has provided the names of the appropriate people.  Gail reminded us that they’re asking for guidance for leading hikes, planning hikes and suggested hikes. PCs should send a letter to affected member club Trails Chairs to solicit help from their leaders and redirect to Ron. Larry will coordinate with Leigh and Chris. Gail would be willing to do some AT outreach as would Gene. Ron indicated that we need some suggested hikes. It was suggested that some of this information can be obtained via our web site. Ron noted we should take the hikes we already have online (e.g., AT hikes of the week) and upload them to ATC’s family site. Ron will approach Dan Chazin about preparing a list of hikes and helping to get them onto the ATC family web site. If Dan doesn’t want to do this Ron will approach people from each region – Suggested possible people to approach: James Wright, Richard Taylor, Jill Arbuckle etc.


6. Funding issues:  5-year plan updates: current project progress, possible new projects?


Larry asked for a 5 yr plan update. Karen indicated that Dave Reus has it on his agenda but will probably not be attending the MARPC meeting. Karen indicated she would add an item to the MARPC agenda to discuss 5-year plans and the process for updating them. She also indicated that ATPO is looking at some cuts in the funding for items in the plan. There are always more projects on the plans than can be covered. Ed asked what’s in there for Bear Mountain AT project. Karen said not much. Ed asked: “Does this mean there is nothing?”. He went on to say that we have an agreement to cooperate and it appears to him that the ATC is not part of the MOU anymore. Karen indicated that it is probably accurate to say that ATC will not be an ongoing funding partner – they don’t have additional money for the project.


Ed went on to mention that in a week or so we have the ATC development office coming to one of our major donors to cultivate a relationship, and he was concerned about how this was done without NYNJTC involvement. Karen said: “I was not involved at all” and, will talk to Dave Startzell about it.


7. Current problems, projects, & issues

Pochuck: Small repairs post-Irene: Chris got ATC to agree to contribute $500 from ATC with another 500 from NYNJTC’s “Good Bye Irene Fund” to start work on the repair of the boardwalk.

RE: Replacing the boardwalk tread, Karen suggested that we should be asking the community to help fund this. Chris indicated that this makes sense. He also has asked the DEP to hep but got no response. NJ-RT grant should also be applied for replacing the decking. Chris indicated that Groundworks USA might help. Karen thought that this would be a perfect project for them.


8. Schedule 2012 meeting dates:

Next meetings:

MARPC: March 3 and 4, 2012

NY-NJ AT Mgt Committee: February 15, 2012, 9:30AM TC Office  SINCE RESCHED TO 2/8/12

MARPC: Tentatively Oct 27, 2012

NY-NJ AT Mgt. Committee: Wednesday, Oct 10, 2012, 9:30AM TC Office


Adjourned approximately 12:15PM