Trail Conference Downloadable Maps Are Bestsellers for Avenza


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Ever since New York-New Jersey Trail Conference uploaded several of its maps nearly a year ago on Avenza’s PDF Maps app, it’s proven to be one of the more popular recreational maps to literally, ‘take a hike’ with.  PDF Maps app allows mobile users to download a detailed interactive map that keeps working even when you’re in areas with no cell-reception which apparently has made it very popular among New York and New Jersey locals.

Aside from Europe, NY-NJ Trail Conference maps make Avenza’s top five downloaded recreational maps with a map of Jersey Highlands even beating out an Australian destination for the #19 spot. 

Avenza PDF Maps app Top 20 popular Recreational Maps:

1- Buddy Maps - Europe
 2- NY-NJ Trails -  Harriman-Bear Mountain (North)
 3- NY-NJ Trails -  Harriman-Bear Mountain (South)
 4- NY-NJ Trails - North Jersey (East)
 5- NY-NJ Trails -  East Hudson (North)
 6- Bornholm & Christiansoe (Denmark)
 7- Hema - High Country Victoria West (Australia)
 8- Buddy Maps - Italy
 9- NY-NJ Trails -  West Hudson (East)
 10- NY-NJ Trails -  Catskill (Northeastern)
 11- NY-NJ Trails -  Shawangunk (South)
 12- Warburton  (Australia)
 13- Melbourne  (Australia)
 14- NY-NJ Trails -  Hudson Palisades (#1)
 15- Hema - Victoria State Map (Australia)
 16- Avenza - Rome, Italy
 17- Avenza - Paris, France
 18- Buddy Maps - South America
 19- NY-NJ Trails -  Jersey Highlands (East)
 20- Lerderderg State Park (Australia)