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Work Logs and Final Reports*

*Most of these are AmeriCorps-based trail work accounts

Region Park Work Log PDF
Year Status Before/After photos Final Report
Palisades Sterling Forest Doris Duke Lower Leg 2013 complete see report--> DD- Lower Leg
    Doris Duke North East Leg 2013/14 complete see report--> DD- Eastern Leg

Doris Duke Southwest Leg-1.lower, 2.middle, 3. top

2013/14 complete see reports    --> 

Doris Duke Southwest Leg-1.lower, 2.middle, 3. top

    Wildcat Mountain Repairs
2013 complete see report--> Wildcat
    McKeags Realignment 2014 complete see report--> McKeags Connector
    Stepping Stones on Sterling Lake Loop at Old Forge Rd. 2014 complete see report-->

Sterling Lake at Old Forge and Warbler repairs

    Stepping Stones and Realignment on Pine Meadow Connector 2014 complete see report--> Pine Meadow
    Stepping Stones on Fire Tower 2014 in progress    
    Allis Trail/Sterling Ridge Trail/McKeags Meadow Trail 2015  complete  see report-->  Allis Trail/Sterling Ridge Trail/McKeags Meadow Trail 
    Warbler Tread Enhancement 2014 complete see report--> Sterling Lake at Old Forge and Warbler repairs
Region Park Work Log PDF Year Status Before/After photos Final Report
Taconics Fahnestock Canopus Beach Loop Phase 1 2014 complete Canopus Progress: Before-After Appalachian Way at Canopus Lake
    Canopus Beach Loop Phase 2 2014 complete see report--> Appalachian Way at Canopus Lake
    Canopus Beach Loop Phase 3: 1- field-leg, 2- water-bypass-leg, 3- AT-connection-leg 2014 complete   Appalachian Way at Canopus Lake
    Appalachian Way 2015     Appalachian Way Final Report 2015
    AT Kiosk at Canopus Lake 2014 holes dug    
    Redoubt: new segment connection from parking lot 2014 complete see report--> North Redoubt
    Lower Wilkinson drainage structures 2014 complete   Wilkinson-lower
    School Mtn. Rd. draft log 2015 draft work log    
    Roundhill comments 2015  comments    
Region Park Work Log Year Status Before/After Final Report
    Huckleberry Ridge LP/SRT 2015     Huckleberry Ridge Final Report 2015


2013 Palisades:

2014 Palisades: PalisadesAmeriCorps2014

2014 Taconics:

In planning
work-log-ster-lake-step-stones-at-old-forge.pdf5.95 MB
DD-LowerLegFinalReport.pdf6.2 MB
mckeags-accessible-option.pdf9.38 MB
canopus-worklog-phase2.pdf13.32 MB
canopus-worklog-phase1.pdf7.44 MB
canopus-progress-before-after.pdf11.09 MB
Wildcat Mountain Worklog.pdf3.93 MB
Wildcat Mtn Stream Report, Dec 2013.pdf3.51 MB
canopus-worklog-east-leg-2-water-bypass-leg.pdf27.2 MB
canopus-worklog-east-leg-3-AT-leg.pdf32.78 MB
Fire Tower Step Stones.pdf3.13 MB
Pine Meadow Connector Step Stones.pdf3.32 MB
Warbler Tread Fill.pdf7.24 MB
canopus-worklog-east-leg-1-field-leg.pdf20.21 MB
New Trail and Trail Rerouting Guidelines-NY-NJ.pdf544.58 KB
Redoubt-new-segment-from-parking-lot.pdf6.65 MB
Doris Duke sw leg-lower.pdf38.3 MB
DD sw leg-middle.pdf38.41 MB
Wilkinson-drainage-structures.pdf754.6 KB
Sterling Lake at Old Forge and Warbler Restoration Report.pdf4.4 MB
DorisDukeEasternLegFinalReport.pdf5.69 MB
NorthRedoubtTrailFinalReport.pdf3.58 MB
AppalachianWayCanopusLakeFinalReport.pdf17.05 MB
McKeagsConnectorFinalReport,2014.pdf5.9 MB
PineMeadowFinalReport2014.pdf5.99 MB
ProjectPrioritiesAmeriCorps.pdf516.71 KB
roundhill.pdf2.85 MB
smr-work-log-draft-2.pdf16.05 MB
Final Report WilkinsonTrail.pdf2.76 MB
wilkinson-waterfall-reroute.pdf10.66 MB
Allis-DD-step-stones.pdf4.39 MB
bare-rock-repairs-sterling-lake-to-ridge.pdf18.39 MB
fire-tower-near-west-valley-intersection.pdf1.44 MB
sterling-lake-hike-only-section.pdf2.49 MB
west-valley-between bare-rock-and-fire-tower.pdf1.96 MB
DorisDuke-West-Middle.pdf24.38 MB
canopus-east-leg2-segment3-realignment.pdf6.2 MB
Work Log Upper West Doris Duke2.pdf46.58 MB
Work-Log-McKeags-Bog-Bridge-Stepping-Stones.pdf1.16 MB
highlands-fishkill-rovers-section-and-beyond.pdf29.28 MB
red-back-north-by-south-gate-sections-a-b.pdf48.49 MB
AppalachianWayFinalReport2015.pdf12.76 MB
Huckleberry Ridge Final Report 2015.pdf11.34 MB
red-back-north-by-south-gate-sections-c.pdf17.43 MB
red-back-north-by-south-gate-sections-d.pdf40.86 MB
2015 Catskills Interpretive Center.pdf39.56 MB
undercliff-aqueduct-3-part-plan.pdf5.65 MB
Maintenance Worklog - Lower East Face.pdf28.9 MB
undercliff-lower-repairs-definition.pdf23.61 MB
highlands-trail-fishkill-0-2300-no-rover-section.pdf54.95 MB
red-back-caretaker-section-E1.pdf8.96 MB
red-back-caretaker-section-E2.pdf12.46 MB
red-back-caretaker-section-F.pdf46.74 MB
Eagle-section-G-0-2000.pdf42.34 MB
LDTC - LP - Spring 2016 Report.pdf4.79 MB
WHN Summary Final Report 2015.ppt7.75 MB
Doris-Duke-SouthWestern-Leg-Final-Report-2015.pdf7.36 MB
Final-Report-Allis-Ster-Ridge-McKeags-2015i.pdf5.96 MB