Part 4 Post-Production Review

The Post Production Review is held once a project is manufactured, approved, and shipped.  As the Project Manager has the greatest familiarity with the product, the logical assumption is for him or her to assume the role of the coordinator.  Members of the publication committee attend as well as members of the production team (project manager, cartographer, illustrator). This is an opportunity to rejoice in the completion of the project, as well as determine what went well and identify what did not.


In order to fully review a product from the financial standpoint, the following documentation should be available: original approved publication proposal, original estimates from all sources (cartographers, illustrators, designers, paid writers and editors, color separators, printers, special packagers), interim or partial payments records, and final payments. Utilizing these sources, compare the original budget based on the original approved publication proposal with the actual costs.

Editorial Production

By analyzing the production process the team can distinguishwhich processes were effective, efficient, and economical.  A close comparison of the original schedule,which was prepared when the approved publication proposal was completed,against the actual schedule enables the team to determine the effects of anydifferences. The addition of extra steps or changes to the original productionpath may be the result of necessity once the project was underway. Factorscontributing to changes in production methods may be caused by graphicsproduction, manuscript condition, and availability of sources.


Projects may contain maps, illustrations, and photographs. Sourcing may come from stored images, volunteer supplied images, or be newly created. It is important to compare the initial number of graphics listed on the approved publication proposal with those that were finally used.  Any deviation should be accounted for as cost can be affected. A close examination of the process used to prepare the graphics components can be effective in identifying problems such as file format and incompatibilities.


The Project Manager can list materials that have been returned and archived to date, as well as review the distribution list of complementary copies.

Post ProductionReview Summary

Based on the documentation, discussion, and analysis completed during the Post-Production Review, the Project Manager will create a written summary listing which processes worked as well as those that didn't. The written summary will become part of the final file for the project.

-Cost vs. Budget

-Procedural Review

-Quality Analysis