Nature Photography in the New York-New Jersey Region

Hudson River view from Storm King mountain

 ©Photo Copyright: Arnab Banerjee


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Best Outdoor Photo Locations in New York & New Jersey

October 2011: One of each in New Jersey, by Karan Kauchhur

How Take Your Best Shots: Tips from the Pros

October 2011: The beauty of central New Jersey, by Lawrence Zink

Anatomy of a Photograph: How Was It Done?

Share Your Photos

We all love to carry our camera to capture the beauty of nature and great experiences on the trail. Let's share, learn, and improve our camera skills. This space on our website is a sharing platform for nature photographers in our region. If that sounds like you, consider participating by posting photos to our Flickr group page (, offering tips or comments on web articles, or contacting us at [email protected] with your article or photo submissions.

The “rules” are simple: submit only photos taken in our New York-New Jersey trails region  of nature, hikers, or trail volunteers.

  • Learn how you can improve your camera skills by getting expert tips on where to go and how to shoot by following story links below.
  • Learn about some of the most amazing photographers and their work on our area.
  • Get noticed by posting your shots on our Flickr page or following the submission guidelines to be considered for our "Monthly Picks" section, a page in this section, or publication in our newsletter.

Message from the Editor 

Lions Head, AT

 Photography and Conservation by Arnab Banerjee










©Photo Copyright: Arnab Banerjee


Best Photo Locations in New York & New Jersey;

Featured Article: Posted October 2011

One of each in New Jersey by   Karan Kauchhur ©Photo Copyright:Karan Kauchhur

Cape May

Previously featured articles about Great Outdoor Photo
Locations in New York and New Jersey

World-class landscapes in the Hudson Valley by Robert Rodriguez, Jr.

Hudson Highlands

 ©Photo Copyright: Robert Rodriguez Jr.


Photographing the Birds of Long Island by Luke Ormand

Long Island birds

 ©Photo Copyright: Luke Ormand


How to Take Your Best Shots: Tips from the Pros

Featured Article: Posted October 2011

The beauty of Central Jersey by Lawrence Zink ©Photo Copyright:Lawrence Zink

Round Valley, Central Jersey



Exploring hidden visual treasures through photography by Greg Miller

Stony brook in Harriman SP, NY

 ©Photo Copyright: Greg Miller


Anatomy of a Photograph - How Was It Done?

Playing with long exposure and custom white balance by Arnab Banerjee

Long Pond Ironworks, NJ

©Photo Copyright: Arnab Banerjee

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