Losen Slote Creek Park


Park Overview:

Three short trails through a rare remaining parcel of woodlands in the Meadowlands to a creek with a Dutch name dating from the original settlement of Bergen County by Northern Europeans.  

Trail Uses:Hiking
Trail Miles:0.75 miles
Park Acreage:28 acres
Little Ferry/Bergen/NJ
Park Description:

The park is named for the Losen Slote (Dutch for “winding creek”), a Hackensack River tidal tributary. Park acreage consists of meadow habitat and lowland forest, one of the few remaining parcels of woodland in the Jersey Meadowlands.  Its diverse environment supports migratory birds and a variety of small mammals and reptiles. 

Losen Slote Creek Park BoundariesPark boundaries gradually stair-step southwest from the parking area ending at Losen Slote Creek. 

The park was designed and constructed by the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (now a part of the New Jersey Sports and Exhibitions Authority -- NJSEA) and is owned and operated by the Borough of Little Ferry.

Towards the east, outside park boundaries, located in the Bergen County Utilities Authority's Nature Preserve is Mehrhof Pond.  Visible in black in the aerial photograph, the pond is a major resting site for waterfowl.  The Nature Preserve is open to the public only by prior arrangement with the BCUA, but views are possible through a chain-link fence.



Trails Overview:

The park has three relatively short blazed trails, totaling about three-quarters of a mile.  An overlay of the trail network on terrain is visible on the accompanying graphic. Losen Slote Creek Park Trail Map

The trailhead is from a parking lot adjacent to the Little Ferry Department of Public Works, behind the roller hockey rink.



Detailed driving and public transportation written directions can be found on the NJ Wildlife Trails web page for the park.

  • GPS Coordinates: 40.84052, -74.03755
  • Street address:  Crescent Street, Little Ferry, NJ 07643

Location Map

Contact Information:New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (NJSEA)

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