Stafford Forge Wildlife Management Area

Park Overview:

Stafford Forge Wildlife Management Area is home to several former cranberry bogs -- where birds congregate and birders peer.

Trail Uses:Hiking
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Park Acreage:11529 acres
West Creek/Ocean/NJ
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Park Description:

Easily reached via the Garden State Parkway, the Stafford Forge WMA is used by hikers, birders, hunters, and fishermen.

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Trails Overview:

Access is via sand roads, some of which go the length of the wildlife management area.  Dense underbrush and pitch pines make bushwhacking through some of the terrain extremely difficult.  Both bird and birders alike find the series of four ponds along dammed Westecunk Creek attractive.  Sand roads go along both sides of the southernmost and largest pond.  It is possible to cross the dikes between the ponds on foot.  There are numerous sand roads leading away from the ponds.


Topographical maps can be found at: Table of Wildlife Management Areas.  Hikers can also purchase the West Creek and Oswego Lake USGS topographic quadrangle maps; free scanned copies are available at the USGS web site

Hunters frequent the area I the fall, so hikers should take precautions during that season or visit the area on Sundays, when hunting is prohibited.



Take Exit 58 [Tuckerton/Warren Grove] of the Garden State Parkway and turn north onto County 539. Proceed 0.3 mile and turn right onto Forge Road [County 606]. The southernmost of the ponds is at 1.3 miles along the left side of Forge Road.

Contact Information:NJ DEP, Division of Fish & Wildlife