Catskill Mountain Region Roving Trail Maintenance Crew

The Catskills Roving Trail Maintenance Crew

The Roving Trail Maintenance Crew in the Catskills is dedicated to helping maintain our over 200 miles of adopted trail in the Catskill The Trail Crew in actionMountain Region.  Their work includes clearing back brush and weeds, removing blowdowns and helping to maintain previously built trail structures such as waterbars.  

The Crew exists to support our individual volunteers who have adopted sections of trail throughout the region and support the maintenance efforts of our member clubs including the Catskill 3500 Club, the Rip Van Winkle Hikers, the Catskill Mountain Club and the Finger Lakes Trail Conference.  

The crew hikes and maintains trails throughout the maintenance season (May through October) and volunteers on the crew do not have to become members of the Trail Conference to participate in these projects, however membership is encouraged so that you can enjoy benefits such as discounts on Trail Conference publications and with our retail partners, our Trail Walker newsletter and support for all of our programs.

For every crew outing, make sure you bring your lunch, plenty of water, gloves and sturdy workshoes, and be prepared to get dirty. All tools, materials and training will be provided. Beginners are welcome on all work trips.

Wendell George is the Trail Crew Leader for the Roving Trail Maintenance Crew.  He can be emailed at [email protected].  He maintains his own mailing list of people interested in trail maintenance.  In addition, Roving Trail Maintenance Crew trips are listed in our Trail Crew Calendar.

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