Jersey Highlands Trails (Central) Map Set - Review


Subject: Review of Brand New Jersey Highlands Trails (Central) Map Set



Dear Reviewer,


The Trail Conference has been diligently working on a new map set, Jersey Highlands Trails (Central), and the maps in this set are at a stage where they are ready for review and field-checking by parks and landowners.


The map set includes two separate maps that cover the core area as well as two inset maps of High Mountain Park Preserve and Allamuchy Mountain/Stephens State Parks that will appear on the fronts/backs of the main maps. The maps are at the same scale as our "North Jersey Trails" map set and serve in some ways as a southward continuation of that map set. The majority of the trails have been newly-GPSed and other map features common to our other maps have been incorporated. We would like to provide you with an opportunity to examine and/or field-check these maps and have enclosed draft maps for your area of interest. These review drafts are missing contour labels and stream labels and require some additional polishing. We would ask that you do not distribute these draft maps.


We invite your attention to the identification of any errors that we may have inadvertently included. The basic principle that we follow in the production of our maps is that we intend to show what is actually on the ground. Please see the attached list of things to consider when examining the maps.


Additional GPS track and/or waypoint data for any trails or points of interest would certainly be appreciated if available. Also, any general comments about colors, font styles, etc. are welcome.


We would appreciate receiving your input as soon as possible and no later than January 31st. The best means of communicating your corrections/comments would involve marking the map and returning it to Jeremy at the Trail Conference office. If you have many comments, it is best if you put numbers on the map that can be linked with a separate document describing the comments. If your comments can be communicated effectively via phone or e-mail, that would work as well.


Thank you in advance for your help!



Jeremy Apgar Craig Nunn

Cartographer Volunteer Project Manager

New York-New Jersey Trail Conference

156 Ramapo Valley Road

Mahwah, NJ 07430

(201) 512-9348 x15



When examining/field-checking the maps, please consider the following items:


--Do the trails appear to be accurately depicted?

--Are there any trails not shown on the map that should be shown?

--Are all parking areas (lot or roadside pulloff) identified and shown correctly?

--Are streams/lakes shown correctly (especially in terms of stream crossings)?

--Are any green-colored lands (public open space) incorrectly shown, or are there any other areas that should be colored green and shown as public open space?

--Are the road name labels correct and sufficient (for instance, can a map-user get to a parking area from a major highway/route by following the road name labels)?

--Do any viewpoints appear to be incorrectly placed or are any major views not indicated on the map?

--Are the trailblaze color symbols correct and sufficiently placed along the trails?

--Are any mountains/lakes/streams incorrectly labeled?

--Should any additional ‘Keep Out' symbols be placed in areas where hikers are expressly forbidden (for instance, Picatinny Arsenal has a number of Keep Out symbols)?

--Should any additional points of interest be indicated along/near trails (mines, ruins, interesting rock features, towers, etc.) or elsewhere (golf courses, prominent landmarks, etc.)?

--Are park offices/visitor centers (if available at a certain park) clearly indicated?

--Are there any additional gates across roads/woods roads that should be shown?

--Would you feel comfortable giving this map to a novice hiker for their use in navigating trails in the area?



As mentioned previously, any additional GPS data for trails, parking areas, other points of interest, etc. would be greatly appreciated. If you do not find any inaccuracies or things to add for a particular area, please be sure to let us know!