Flat Rock Brook Loop Hike #2

Flat Rock Brook Nature Center

MacFadden's Wetland - Photo by Daniel Chazin MacFadden's Wetland - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike runs along a scenic brook and passes a broad overlook.

40.873391, -73.967686

The Flat Rock Brook Nature Center manages a 150-acre tract in Englewood that has been protected from development. It includes the 75-acre Allison Woods Park, established in 1924 under the will of William O. Allison, and an additional 75 acres acquired by the City of Englewood over a ten-year period beginning in 1968. The preserve has about four miles of trails, and the hike described below...

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February 08, 2013
Englewood's Flat Rock Nature Center Virtual Tour!
Take a virtual tour with NJUrbanForest.com of Englewood's Flat Rock Nature Center!   http://njurbanforest.com/2011/04/05/englewoods-flat-rock-brook-nature-ce...   Plenty of Pictures!!
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