Hacklebarney State Park

Hacklebarney State Park

Hacklebarney - Photo Reuven Kaswin Hacklebarney - Photo Reuven Kaswin

This loop hike follows several picturesque streams, including the wild and scenic Black River

40.751181, -74.736685

Established in 1924 by a gift of local residents Adolphe and Sarah Borie, Hacklebarney State Park now includes 978 acres along the Black River. The park is heavily used on summer weekends, with many picnic tables along the trails, but at other times, there are few visitors. Trails run along three scenic streams – Rhinehart Brook, the Black River and Trout Brook - and this hike parallels all...

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Trip Reports

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September 06, 2013
We followed the directions in Hiking the Jersey Highlands, down the stairs to Trout Brook, rock hop Trout Brook down to the Black River.
tmcman's picture
April 07, 2013
Did this hike this morning.  The whole park sustained a lot of hurricane damage, but they have made extraordinary progress clearing the paths.
Tuna Boat Bill's picture
Tuna Boat Bill
May 31, 2010
Thanks for the clear and detailed description. It was amazingly accurate. My husband and I love to hike but don't do it that much so we appreciate the help. Oh, and it was a beautiful spot.
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