Invasives Strike Force: Plant ID Phase 2

How to Prepare for Phase 2

  • Our phase 2 set of plants are species that are just starting to become invasive in our area but are known to be invasive elsewhere. These plants are "emerging" invasives.
  • Sign-up for in-person training at one of our Advanced Invasive Plant ID workshops.
  • Download the Phase 2 Note-Taking Sheet (PDF) and then click the links on the table below (PDFs) to learn about the plants.
Phase 2 Species CODE Common Name Type
Acer palmatum ACPA Japanese maple Tree
Aralia elata AREL Japanese angelica tree Tree
Pyrus calleryana PYCA Bradford pear Tree
Rhamnus cathartica RHCA Common buckthorn Tree
Viburnum dilatatum VIDI Linden viburnum Shrub
Viburnum seiboldii VISE Seibold's viburnum Shrub
Wisteria spp. WIST Japanese/Chinese wisterias

Vine, Woody

Ampelopsis brevipedunculata AMBR Porcelainberry Vine, Woody
Hedera helix HEHE English ivy

Vine, Woody

Polygonum perfoliatum POPE Mile-a-minute vine Vine, Herb
Cynanchum louiseae CYLO Black swallowwort Vine, Herb