Trail Problem Report

Use this form to report a trail problem. Problems include such things as erosion, a bridge out or damaged, blow-downs, and ATV use on footpaths.

Conditions such as ice, snow, or mud on the trails should be reported here.



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On the ASB trail in Harriman State Park, south of Island Pond, in the section of trail between the two Island Pond Roads: The wet area through which there is pond drainage has gotten much wetter. Some digging on the downstream side might permit faster drainage; it looks as if stepping stones are also needed. Here's a link to a Google photo, taken 5/7/2017:
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Due to continued hemlock death, there are many large blowdowns on the ASB trail south and east of Island Pond in Harriman State Park. I counted 13 on May 7th (not all huge, but many are) between approximately 41°14'44.7", -74°08'31.7" and 41°15'08.0", 74°08'08.9" (coordinates from Avenza map; hope they're accurate). Links to photos of some of the blow-downs:
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You probably already know about this, but just in case: large blow down on ASB, at 41°14'51.7", -74°08'21.2" Photo: Walk arounds are difficult and messy. Thank you!