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Going hiking next weekend! Here is a place to tell others where you are going and that you are willing to have others tag along with you. Take appropriate precautions in going with strangers.

The Trail Conference recommends that you keep day use party size under 25 and overnight use under 10. Some hiking area have stronger restrictions and may require permits for group use.'s picture

I am going to be in the Lake George area next week. Does any one want to join me on a hike up this mountain. BT Week of July 12 to 16.
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I'm planning on doing a lot of day hiking in the Hudson Valley - Storm King, Breakneck Ridge, and a number of others. Looking for a hiking partner from the central Jersey area. To discuss give Ralph Netta a call at 908-472-8023
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Not from central NJ but live in Walden, NY about 20 miles from Breakneck. Been here 3 months. Hiked Bull Hill, around the Cornish Estate and to the flagpole at Breakneck Ridge. Would like to do more in the Highlands & also acoss the river at Storm King. Bob
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I'm planning a point to point hike in the Catskills and would appreciate any recommendations for transport from our car drop off to the beginning of the hike. Please email me names & phone numbers or post them here. Thanks.
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I do realize that I am a bit late for this post, I figured that this information could help anyone.We use this Taxi service when hiking in the cental to northern sections of the Catskills in Ulster and Greene Counties. Smiley's Taxi Tannersville 518-589-6533
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Hey everyone, I suppose this is a long shot, but is anyone interested in a two day hiking trip in the Catskills during the week? I'm busy both this weekend and next but would really like to get out there before Labour Day. I don't have a car, but would happily pay for gas and tolls if someone else had one. I might go alone, but I'm a bit new to overnight trips, so I'd rather go with someone else. Also, figuring out how to get to a decent trail without a car is proving tricky. I'm a strong hiker and wouldn't mind a challenge. As for the trail, I'm open to suggestions - but the escarpment trail is what I was thinking. Oh, and I'm pretty quiet, but good company. Hope to hear back! Elissa
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I'm looking for hiking groups focused on the Catskill 3500s. I just joined the 3500 and RVW clubs, and I'm looking to get plugged into existing hikes. Working my way through the high peaks, but not fast enough for my taste! Suggestions appreciated. Thanks!'s picture

Try the Catskill 3500 club.'s picture

Do you need a hiking partner?? If interest leave a post.'s picture

Looking to connect with some one to hike one of the long distance trails in the area. AT or Long Path (outside of the Catskills). BT
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We are trying to get to the TC's annual meeting in Harriman. We live in Manhattan. Is anyone from Manhattan driving up there and have room for two?

If there are others who are car-less, we would also be willing to split the cost of a ZipCar for the day.

We are planning on staying for the hikes after the meeting.'s picture

With the New Year almost here; I would like to hook up with some and finish the AT. Would like to do the AT south of the Delaware River Gap but I would re Hike portions in MA, CT, NY or NJ. BT
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Greetings all. I'd like to take a stab at the State Line/Ernest Walter/AT loop from the Marina by Greenwood Lake. I actually got up there last weekend and enjoyed it quite a bit, but I always feel a little more at ease with some company if the hike is over 2 hours. If anyone is interested, let me know.
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If the weather and my schedule cooperate, I hope to hike in Cold Spring this Friday, April 2. Is anyone interested in joining me? I'm a fairly fast hiker, but I'm assuming the trail condition will slow me down a bit. I should be in Cold Spring around 11 am. Let me know.
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I'm planning a hike on the Devil's path this weekend (10/30), and am looking for help with a shuttle. If anyone has information on shuttle services or knows somone in the area that helps hikers out in this regard, please let me know. Thanks-Matt
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Ride share here
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Offering ride to the AT Trail Conference in Emory, Virginia leaving on Thursday evening, 6/30 after work, planning to stay at a motel on the way on Thursday night, and arriving at the conference sometime on Friday afternoon. Leaving from Highland Park, near New Brunswick, Central New Jersey. Can pick up someone from the New Brunswick  NJ Transit train station with frequent train service from Penn Station, NY, approx. twice an hour on Thurs. evening. Planning to stay at the conference for the week and return home by Sunday evening. If interested, you can reply to this message and contact me by e-mail and e-mail me contact information.  
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I'm looking for a partner or group for some weekend day hikes. One I'd love to do is the Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail/Pyngyp hike. It's not a loop so needs two cars.
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our group does this hike usually in spring and fall. its not a good hot weather hike. i'll be happy to do it with you in october..'s picture

Looking for hiking partner in Hudson Valley (Mohonk Preserve, & Lake Minnawaska & Sams Point) and beyond : Catskills . Presently I am living in the Rondout Valley area of Ulster County, NY.'s picture

Looking to go hiking this weekend. I would like to join a group in the mohonk preserve area? or Eastern Catskills.'s picture

Looking for ride to Spring Farm Road at Mohonk Preserve on 13 August 2011. I am from Stone Ridge, NY 12484's picture

Do hikers read this sections??
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  Looking for weekday hiking partners in Fahnstock/Harriman/Yorktown Areas.
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there are many weekday hikes happening in harriman and fahnestock areas. check out ADK mohican, adk nj ramapo, AMC, union county hiking club, and wedhiker yahoogroup as well as harrimanhike yahoo group. also many meetup groups have hikes on various days each week
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89 year old section hiker seeking hiking partner(s) to hike short sections (5 miles or less) in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut during May and June 2012.  Send email to or call 540-869-3097 with name and availability."
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I have been section hiking the Long Path in NY piece by piece over the last two summers and have set a goal to piece together the rest of it in the summer of 2012.  I live in the Albany, NY area and was hoping I could find others interested in hiking some single day hiking of the southern sections from the Catskills south to Ft. Lee.  I have completed through the central Catskills but as each day trip gets farther and farther away from my home it becomes more of a challenge to find others willing to make the 1 - 2 1/2 hour drive to get them done, especially since there are many roadwalkks still in affect on the Long Path.  Looking for others with a vehicle so we can stage cars.  The other snag is that I am looking for people who would be available to hike mid week (Mondays and Thursdays are the best for me) as I do work every weekend.  I am a very experienced hiker but am not looking to do anything huge (8-15 mile segments per day). I have already completed 2 hikes this year for just under 20 miles, so I am ready to go rain or shine whenever, let me know if you are interested...
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Once you get out of the Catskill's Public transportation is an option if you time it right. Smileys Taxi in Tannersville should be able to help you as far south as Woodland Valley. Once you reach Upper Cherrytown Road Taxi/bus options will be available. It's that stretch between Woodland Valley Campground and Upper Cherrytown Road that will need careful planning. We backpacked the entire Long Path often on multi day trips and used public transportation for the most part all the way to the Schoharie County Line. I am sure a taxi would bring you to Sundown or Denning but it would not be cheap. please feel free to contact me ( with questions. Also I will be able to help you out along the Shawangunk Ridge. I may also want to join you for a day in the Southern Catskill's. Have you thought about doing an overnight trip in the Southern Catskill's?   Andy Garrison  
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Greetings,       Like you it seems like I've done virtualy the same trek but from south to north. Currently I'm about half way stopping last year at the Trempor Mt. firetower in Phonecia. Wouldn't mind rehiking some sections. The weekdays won't be easy though...could try taking an occasional day off for a good hike. I'm also a rain or shine hiker.       Looking forward to here back, Jeff's picture

Does any follow hikers meet at the Kingston Trailways????     New Paltz Trailways????   I can usually meet follow hikers on Saturday  at 8:45 AM in Kingston.   BT's picture

I am finging it it is just easier to hike solo than to find a partner or meet some one at the Bus station in Kingston or New Paltz. The way I look at its no one whats to hook up.
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I plan on parking at Sams Point and looking for a shuttle to LP trail head on the SRT ridge near wurtsboro on Sun May 6 around 9am if anyone interested in helping me or hiking with me.  I'll of course provide the shuttle back to the trail head car at the end of the day. FYI - I've been sectionally thru-hiking the LP in day hikes and you can read about my progress and hikes: A recommendation of a taxi service in the area will also be helpful in case no one is available to shuttle with me. Thanks John's picture

If you take Pine Hill Trailways to New Paltz to go hiking Minnawaska or Mohonk here is s taxi.   New Paltz Taxi 139 Main Street New Paltz, NY    Taxi:                 845.255.1550 Trailways:        845.255.6520's picture

Abes Taxi P.O. Box 222 Ellenville NY 12428       845-647-5656
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How long is the cab ride, and what's the average price of the trip from the bus depot to the park?'s picture

From New Paltz to the mohonk mountain house is $16.  one way
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Thanks for the info.'s picture

Have you been hiking in the New Paltz area?
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hello, I'm from Central Jersey and looking for a trail advise. The goal is two-days backpacking route close to home. Harriman looks great, but there are so many trails to chose from. Any suggestions? Many thanks, Paul's picture

From New Paltz to the mohonk mountain house is $16.  one way.
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Hi everybody, I'm a Swiss guy, I'm staying in Brooklyn for 2 months and I would to hike 2 days, during next weekends. Somebody is interesting to come with me ? My objective would be hiking 5-6 hours per day and to sleep one night in the wild. Sorry for my bad English. Bye.'s picture

Is any one hiking in the New Paltz Area???  Walkill Rail Trail??  Mohonk Preserv e???  or Minnawaska???   This weekend??  On 28 July 2012??   Please leave a post?'s picture

Try finding an AMC Group from NYC.  They meet at Trailways in NP.  There is some  from the ADK - MH that meets there too.'s picture

Is any one hiking in the New Paltz Area???  Walkill Rail Trail??  Mohonk Preserve???  or Minnawaska???   This weekend?? Please leave a post.'s picture

Is there ride sharing form the New Palts Bus Station to Minnawaska or Mohonk?'s picture

Bus There is bus service from New York City/Nanuet/Newburgh/Kington to New Paltz is available via Adironcack Trailways buses, or call (800) 776-7548's picture

Bus service to New Paltz from New York City, Nanuet, Newburgh and Kingston is available via Adirondack Trailways, (800) 776-7548. Limited weekday bus service to New Paltz from Kingston, Rosendale, Highland, Plattekill, Wallkill is available via Routes H, R, X, W, of Ulster County Area Transit, (888) 827-8228. Ulster County Area Transit also offers bus service from the Metro-North station in Poughkeepsie to New Paltz via their Ulster-Poughkeepsie Link.  There is weekend service.'s picture

What time does  Ulster-Poughkeepsie Link stop in New Paltz?  On Saturdays?'s picture

    Is any one interested hiking in the New Paltz Area??? Walkill Rail Trail??  Mohonk Preserve???  or Minnawaska???   This week??  On 26 June 2013?? Or later in the week? Please leave a post.'s picture

Does any one want to go out  on Wensday?