Dedicated Hosting Services


  • LAMP with PHP 5.2 or better
  • CPanel or equivalent
  • Managed (they update LAMP)
  • Daily Backup
  • Fast enough (processor/memory) 1000 visits/day now - growth to 5000 in one year
Host CPU Memory Disk Backup Managed Panel     Cost
thePlanet  2x2.8xeon  2g  80G X2  cron to backup disk  +$55  +$25 cpanel      $205
 Pair  Core 2 2g  1g  120g  daily  included  ?      $249
LayeredTech  2x2.8  2g  500G +80 G ($20)  cron to backup disk  +$25-100  $25 cpanel      $204
LiquidWeb P4 3g  1g 120G X2  cron to backup disk included +$20 cpanel      $154+$350 setup
Host Gator  P4 2.4g  1G  80g DIY  included  cpanel      $174
1&1  AMD 2.4Gx2  2G  250g 2 raid  100G ftp  included  plesk     $99
GoDaddy  Celeron 2g +$15 P4 +30 Core 2  1G  120g +$15 extra 120G +$15 raid  +$30 daily  included  +$20 plesk      $80
midPhase  4x2.4Xeon  4g cron to backup $10 per 20G or add 250G disk for $20    $20  cpanel      $179  P4 2.8G  1G  200G  $30 for 100G per month included siteDSM free     $99+backup
 A2hosting  Dual core2.0  1G  2x80 raid 1 raid included cpanel      $199
Platinum Server Management just management and monitoring        $30        $30
 SeeksAdmin just management and monitoring        $25        $25

Estmated current usage

  • 20GB/month bandwidth
  • 6GB disk space

VPS solutions(Trellon advises against)

LiquidWeb (for instance) has about 8 users on a machine at $100/month. Daily backup, managed, enough bandwidth, disk and memory for our current usage comfortably.


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