Hike Reviews

August 18, 2014
Great Hike!
Did this hike yesterday! Was a great hike and all the trail info is spot one! Thanks.
July 17, 2012
beautiful trail
me and my gf did this trail on Saturday July,14 it was a great sunny day, trail is very nice, lots of bluberry all around, lots of beautiful scenic places :) there were so many "noses" that we even didn't find the Gertrudas one :(   and everything was great before some guy fall down from the rock... it was a big rescue operation with helicopters and we were not allowed to finish our trip and have to go back after 3 hours of hard way
July 26, 2011
great hike!
i did this hike with friends july 16th. 8 miles is about right based on my GPS track. the gertrude's nose trail was a little over-grown; eventually we encountered a guy who was in the process of maintaining the trail - thanks for that!   this is a great hike. allow extra time as you will want to stop many times to enjoy the panoramic views and rock formations. one tip - just after you go under the power line the second time, and before you start to climb, there is a bried unmarked trail to the right that is worth a detour - a deep cave lets forth frigid cold air and this is a great place to cool off during a hot summer day hiking. unfortunately i forgot to take a gps waypoint of this unique interesting spot!