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March 26, 2019
Pingyp in 16 mile loop day hike (MAR 24 2019)
So a friend and I just did a 16 mile loop that incorporated going up the face of Pingyp. We started at Lake Welch Road on the Long Path and went CCW. Hiked past the Airline crash marker up to Big Hill Shelter. Made a left onto the SBM going north. Past the Irish Potato and the long descent down to the Palisades Parkway. Crossed over and started up Pingyp. Steep climb; I had never gone this direction. All my other passes of this section were going down, which was much more difficult. Going up is way more secure. We continued up and down to a left onto the Red Cross Trail. We followed Red Cross to the Beech Trail. Then to the last 1/2 mile on the Long Path back to the car. BTW, don't park there. I got a parking ticket that is $30 + certified USPS mail + money order because Haverstraw is stuck in the 1970's. I thought it was a great spot to park for the trailhead. I was way off the road at a dead end where the barricades are on Lake Welch Road. Don't make the same mistake. Also, there are cars lined up for a mile on both sides of the road at the Southern end of Seven Lakes Parkway in far more dangerous positions (e.g. right on the white line) for those trailheads and not a ticket to be seen.
May 11, 2015
Very detailed write-up,
<p>Very detailed write-up, thanks, but total 1400' elev gain doesn't sound that strenuous.</p>
April 21, 2014
trail head coordinate is wrong. should be 41.22964, -74.06029
<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>should be 41.22964, -74.06029</p>
October 18, 2013
Another variation of a portion of this hike as a loop
<p class="MsoNormal">It goes through the most interesting part of the hike (PingypMountainand The Pines) while allowing to do it solo.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">&nbsp;</p> <p class="MsoNormal">I parked at a little parking area on the shoulder of 106 North, called Cedar Flats Rd, Stony Point, NY (at 41.249371 -74.022898, good for ~ 3 cars), walked South on Cedar Flats Rd (very lightly travelled road) until intersection with Co Road 69 (at 41.242288,-74.025328) then north at 69 to Palisades Interstate Pkwy, then for ~0.4 miles alongside Palisades Interstate Pkwy North (unpleasant because of heavy traffic, but safer than crossing it – &nbsp;what original description is calling for) until it intersects with SBM yellow-blazed trail (at 41.249221-74.038239). Then follow the trail according to the given description until it intersects with Red Cross and 1779 trails (at 41.264905,-74.028117). After that I made a right turn to 1779 and Red Cross and continued on Red Cross to intersection of Blue Trail of Camp Addison Boyce (41.269291,-74.01138), continued on that Blue Trail through Camp Addison Boyce to Mott Farm Rd (41.265644 -74.00646), and then, making a right to Mott Farm Rd went to Cedar Flats Rd (both VERY lightly travelled roads) and back to the car. Altogether it took little more than 3.5 hours and total distance was ~ 6miles.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">&nbsp;</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Later I realized that I could have made all three remaining hills of the original trail description (that is, added Horn Hill to the hike I made) if I continued on SBM trail after its intersection with Red Cross trail, past suggested turn to bicycle trail - to Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail (Red), made right turn to it, continued to its intersection with Red Cross Trail, and took it to the same Blue Trail of Camp Addison Boyce (41.269291,-74.01138) – the point I actually went through at the end of my hike. Well, next time…</p>
September 15, 2013
Rugged Hiking on this one.
<p>It was 96 degrees with 80% humidity.</p> <p>Not exactly the best weather for hiking such a strenous route.</p> <p>I made it, but was sweating every step of the way.</p> <p>This is a very slippery trail even on a hot day, definitely not for an unexperienced hiker.</p> <p>The trail is well marked for the most part.</p> <p>I wandered off on the 1779 trail for a little bit and noticed many of the Blazes were faded completely.</p>
April 21, 2013
Great loop trip
<p>We did a great loop variation. We parked at the south end of this route on 106 near Beaver Creek Campground.</p> <ol> <li>North on Suffern-Bear Mntn to the intersection with 1779 &amp; Red Cross.</li> <li>West on Red Cross; then south on Red Cross to Flaggy Meadow Mntn.</li> <li>East on Beech to Tiorati Rd.</li> <li>South on Beech to Hasenclever Rd. (Although the road is not blazed, you cant miss it!)</li> <li>South on Hasenclver Rd.</li> <li>East on Lake Welch Road, then into Lake Welch, then through Beaver Pond Campground to 106.</li> <li>East on 106 to car.</li> </ol> <p>Technically the Lake and Campground werer closed and we shoudnt enter, plus we had our dog with us, but at 5 pm no one saw us!</p> <p>Great route, great day. 7 hours round trip.</p>