Hike Reviews

September 20, 2021
Nice Moderate Loop Full of History
We enjoyed this hike on an early day in May, as the leaves were still coming in. This was a Moderate hike toward the Easy side, with most walking on soft wide trails and woods roads. Very little up and down, though the one trickier descent was in the last stretch where ATV's have created a wet gully to be avoided. We enjoyed the historic sites in the first half of the hike, learning about the iron industry, the furnaces, and the Hewitts. I also found the waterwheels to be amazing examples of 19th century technology. Our one tough challenge was the stream crossing about halfway through - the water was high enough to warrant rock-hopping across the flow, but for a person lacking confident balance or a long stride, one might be force to turn back. This seems like a location where a simple log bridge or a few strategically placed stones would help. We found the directions to be very accurate - no problems knowing on which unmarked woods road on should turn. It does seem like blazes would very much help this loop, however. We parked in front of the historic buildings without hesitation, knowing we were there to enjoy the 'District' and its lands. Probably helps if you have an NYNJTC sticker in your window, too.
September 27, 2018
Parking for hike at Long Pond Ironworks should be okay
Daniel Chazin
<p>I consulted a long-time volunteer who maintains many of the trails in the area, and he replied as follows:&nbsp; "I think that a day tripper hiking in the general area surely qualifies as being within the historic district, which is on both sides of the road. I see no problem with that and park there myself, no hassle.&nbsp; A commuter parked there all day every day would be a more likely target."&nbsp; In other words, the restriction on parking is intended to deter people who are not visiting the immediate area from parking at Long Pond Ironworks.&nbsp; Those who follow the route of this hike are considered to be visitors to&nbsp;the historic district, and their cars will not be towed.</p>
September 27, 2018
Where should hikers park?
At the parking lot for the Long Pond Ironworks Historic District, there are signs indicating parking is for the Historic District only and that others would be towed. About 2/10 mile up the road, at East Shore Road, there's a little "park" where perhaps you can park. On the opposite side of the road were lots of parking barriers. I ended going another 2/10 mile up the road and parked at a gravel pull-off on the south side of the road. The Highlands Trail crosses Greenwood Lake Turnpike at East Shore Road, so you're only walking along the road a short distance. You can take the Highlands Trail back to the Historic District and pick up the route there.
November 15, 2017
Nice, easy, historical features
Marie from France
I did this hike on a pretty cold but sunny day in November. I took the 197 NJ Transit bus from Port Authority. Lots of historical features at the beginning of the hike, which follows a historical route, The remains of Patterson Mine aren't that impressive, however (I actually walked by them and then had to go back to find the three pits). There is also one nice view of the Monksville reservoir, and the colors on the trees were beautiful. It is pretty easy, there is only one (rather short) climb. I completed it in about 3 hours.