Hike Reviews

February 01, 2012
Clear lake loop - no dogs allowed in scout camp
<P>I have done this hike several times with my dogs and also gone exploring on the trails inside the scout camp boundaries that connect to the Wiccopee Reservoir trail and then to the Peekskill Hollow MU heading north past Stillwater and ending up near Pelton Pond (also no dogs).&nbsp; The Rangers in Fahnestock tend to be much more strict about the no dogs around Pelton than anyone in the scout camp.&nbsp; I have met camp employees who instead of yelling at me, played with the dogs and said as long as they are leashed it's all good.&nbsp; I never understood this no dogs business anyway.</P>
January 17, 2012
Daniel Chazin
<P>Dogs (if on leash) are allowed in Fahnestock State Park.&nbsp; However, posted signs do indicate that dogs are not allpwed in Clear Lake (Durland) Scout Reservation, which is traversed by the Blue Trail which forms a part of this hike.&nbsp; The hike description has been changed to make it clear that dogs are not allowed if one intends to complete the hike as written.</P>
January 16, 2012
No dogs
Note that dogs aren't allowed. We tried this loop with our dogs today, and as we reached the start of the Blue Trail, there were multiple huge signs saying that hikers are allowed, but no pets. We ended up returning the same we came.
August 18, 2011
Great day hike
This is a perfect day hike. My wife and I did it the other day with our 4 month old puppy who enjoyed it as much as we did if not more. It took us around 6 hours and we had a blast. This trail is fairly easy for the most part with even terrain and some inclination here and there. There are few spots where u need your hands to maneuver going down or climbing up but it's not that difficult really and views are deffinetely worth the little sweat. You can also follow other trails that cross this one and make your own little adventure.