State Line Trail/Ernest Walter Trail/A.T. Loop from...

Abram S. Hewitt State Forest

View of Greenwood Lake - State Line Trail/Ernest Walter Trail/A.T. Loop from Greenwood Lake Marina - Abram Hewitt State Forest - Photo: Daniel Chazin View of Greenwood Lake - State Line Trail/Ernest Walter Trail/A.T. Loop from Greenwood Lake Marina - Abram Hewitt State Forest - Photo: Daniel Chazin

This loop hike traverses the Bearfort Ridge, with its unusual puddingstone conglomerate rock and pitch pines growing out of bedrock, reaches a panoramic viewpoint over Greenwood Lake, goes through a rhododendron tunnel, and passes Surprise Lake and West Pond.

41.18575, -74.33126

This is one of the most spectacular hikes in the New Jersey-New York metropolitan area. Although it begins with a fairly strenuous 600-foot climb, the rest of the hike does not involve any major elevation changes. There are, however, many short, steep ups and downs, some of which require you to use your hands as well as your feet. The estimated time of four hours will allow you plenty of time...

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December 02, 2016
Great bang for buck
Has a little bit of everything - Water, several GREAT views, some scrambling. First bit is a bit steep, then it levels off an is pretty great.
August 11, 2016
What a hike
The descriptions were great, except that there are several places on the hike that required us lifting our dogs up and over or down some tough trail sections.  Two sixty pounds dogs made this a challenge.  We made the hike in four hours with two dogs and had a great time.  Good hike to bring a sandwich and stop midway for a nice long break.
October 26, 2015
Great hike my knees still hate me. :)
I just completed this loop on Sunday.  I did it counter clockwise with a hike out the Appalachian trail to the Prospect Rock view point in NY.  On the way back I noticed yellow blazes and took that trail for some distance before it dawned on me that I hadn't returned to the State Line intersection and continued North on the Appalachian Trail to the start of the Ernest Walker Trail, I was still in NY.  The lack of trail markers is what got me thinking since all of the trails I encountered in the Abram S. Hewitt State Forest were very excellently marked and easy to follow.  Back on track I found my legs getting a bit tired of the ups and downs from before West Pond until Suprise Lake where I finally stopped and drank my water and had a snack.  The trek back down the State Line Trail to my car was on rubber legs to say the least.  The description above is very accurate and the views made all the effort well worth it.  I was goiing to carry a 45 pound pack for training purposes, very glad I chose not to.  A walking stick was OK in parts, but cumbersome on the scramble sections around West Pond.  If you haven't tried this area its a must do!  A big thanks to the volunteers for the great work on the trails and the markings.  Does anyone have a good estimate on the total elevation gained on this loop?
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