Arden Point and Glenclyffe

Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve

Arden Point and Glenclyffe (Garrison, N.Y.) - Photo: Daniel Chazin Arden Point and Glenclyffe (Garrison, N.Y.) - Photo: Daniel Chazin On the Benedict Arnold Escape Path from the Glenclyffe Loop - Photo Antonio Rivera On the Benedict Arnold Escape Path from the Glenclyffe Loop - Photo Antonio Rivera

This hike passes several panoramic viewpoints over the Hudson River and follows an historic road used by Benedict Arnold to escape during the Revolutionary War.

41.380049, -73.94699

Just south of the southern entrance to the station, you’ll notice two stone pillars and a sign for “Arden Point – Hudson Highlands State Park.” This is the trailhead of a blue-blazed woods road which heads south. Follow this woods road, soon passing ruins of brick buildings on the right and crossing a wooden footbridge over a stream. 

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March 31, 2021
Hike description has been updated
The hike description has been updated to eliminate the short detour to the Historic Overlook, which has collapsed.
Daniel Chazin
March 31, 2021
Historic Overlook Disrepair
From the description: "At a sign pointing to the "Historic Overlook," the red-blazed trail turns sharply left, but you should continue ahead on a short side trail (also blazed red) that leads south to a wooden viewing platform (partially obscured by vegetation). The platform overlooks the site of Beverly Dock, used in 1780 by Benedict Arnold to escape when his treason was discovered. Bear Mountain Bridge is visible to the south, with Sugarloaf Hill towering to the east." It seems that (perhaps due to weather conditions) the wooden viewing platform has fallen down and broken apart. Its pieces can be seen in the ravine below when facing slightly left of the train tracks. The part of the sign pointing to the "historic overlook" has been covered to obscure the indication to the now-defunct overlook. Otherwise, the description was very helpful. Additionally, though most of the hike was wonderful, near the beginning of Marcia's Mile (near the end of the hike) there are several wooden crosses which seem to be grave markers, which felt a bit creepy and unwelcome. Overall, however, a delightful, easy hike with many highlights, a great historical background and easily accessible from NYC with the Metro North.
March 05, 2009
Historic Overlook, Glenclyffe
Sugarloaf Hill towers over you to the east when seen from the Historic Overlook, not the west like the description says. [Thanks, Steve!  You're right, and I've corrected the description.  Daniel] From that limited overlook, a small hill is visible down to the right, on the other side of the railroad tracks. That is technically outside of the park, but it's a really pretty spot...
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