Bonticou Crag

Mohonk Preserve

Bonticou Crag - Mohonk Preserve - Photo: Daniel Chazin Bonticou Crag - Mohonk Preserve - Photo: Daniel Chazin

This loop hike follows a difficult rock scramble to the top of Bonticou Crag, with expansive views over the surrounding countryside.

41.795208, -74.128532

From the exit at the northern end of the parking area, follow a short unmarked trail uphill and turn left onto the blue-blazed Table Rocks Trail, which parallels Spring Farm Road. As the trail reaches the top of a rise, a broad panoramic view of the Catskill Mountains -- known as the "Million Dollar View" -- appears on the left. Just beyond, you'll reach a junction with the Crag Trail. Turn...

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August 26, 2014
"agility and confidence"
Wow, what a great hike. But the qualifier "should not be attempted by those who lack agility and confidence" should be rephrased as follows:   "Before trying the scramble, make sure your confidence is 5x what your agility is". My wife and I have the agility, but at one point, we were close to turning back. Breakneck Ridge is a casual stroll by comparision.   Still, not a scary as the water sloshing around by the Palisades :)  
Aron Walzman
April 12, 2010
cost, dogs

Just a heads up that Mohonk Preserve charges per person to get in. Also, this hike is not for dogs. My black lab had a blast making short work of Breakneck Ridge, but was not able (or willing, for that matter!) to climb this.

Melissa Bean
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