Butter Hill/Stillman/Bluebird Trail Loop from Route 9W

Storm King State Park

Butter Hill/Stillman/Bluebird Trail Loop from Route 9W - Storm King State Park - Photo: Daniel Chazin Butter Hill/Stillman/Bluebird Trail Loop from Route 9W - Storm King State Park - Photo: Daniel Chazin

This loop climbs to the summits of Butter Hill and Storm King Mountain, with many spectacular viewpoints over the Hudson River and the Highlands.

41.423196, -74.000773

From the parking area, walk north along the grassy shoulder of the road. Soon, you will see a triple-orange blaze, which marks the start of the Butter Hill Trail. Follow the orange blazes as they bear right, away from the road, and begin to ascend steeply. Soon, views over the Hudson River begin to appear to the right. The mountain across the river is Bull Hill (Mt. Taurus), and the point of...

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August 20, 2017
Great directions and notes for a fantastic trail
Great notes and directions about the trail. I liked that so much was written up here about what we were seeing at each point. The directions were very clear. The hike was steep and tough, and short at 4 miles. There were many lookout points to take in the views. It was a busy trail with lots of people on a nice August day. The parking lot was nearly full when we arrived. Many arrived just after we did at about 11 am. The path is well maintained as well as the blazes. However there is broken glass at a number of points. If you can bring something to pick up the glass and can be leisurely with the hike, please do. We didn't have anything to pick up glass - but we picked up all the plastic we saw. Help keep our green spaces green!
August 13, 2017
Read the last 2 paragraphs.
This hike had some pretty strenuous moments which is exactly what I wanted to accomplish for my 60th birthday. The views were outstanding. Probably some of the best I've seen. I took a 360 degree video standing on top of the rock. But make sure you have a map because after you go to the top and then make your way down as you continue on the yellow trail, these loop directions have you going all the way back to the top before making your way back to the 9W parking lot. There are other ways to go but there were no maps provided at the trail entrance. As usual, it always takes me a lot longer than the estimate but shame on me for not having a map and for not reading these directions to the end before starting this hike.
March 19, 2014
Sheets of ice...
What an excellent place for a hike! I thought that after a few warm days most of the ice would have been melted, well I was wrong. The ice is still very thick and extremely slick. I would not recommend anyone do this hike, or at least not the second half of the hike until some time in April. Beautiful views and lots of solitutde. Trails are blazed very well and the directions are accurate as usual.
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