Castle Point Trail - Short Loop

Ramapo Mountain State Forest

This loop hike runs along the shore of scenic Ramapo Lake and climbs to the ruins of an old stone castle and tower, with panoramic views.

41.047479, -74.251313

At the northwest end of the parking area, you will see a yellow blaze of the Hoeferlin Memorial Trail, as well as a triple red/white blaze, which marks the terminus of the Skyline Connector Trail. You will be returning to the parking area on the Skyline Connector Trail, but the ...

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Trip Reports

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February 29, 2016
Just finished this hike yesterday with a group of older Cub Scouts (9-11 year olds) and they loved it.  There are a couple of steeper sections so I think it could be a difficult hike for kids much you
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November 13, 2013
Check out a virtual tour of Ramapo Mountain State Forest on!
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September 15, 2013
Thank you for all of the detail!  I printed this out and went with my family and we had such a nice time.  I think we missed a turn somewhere because it took us 4 hours total and according to our GPS
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