Charcoal Burners/Cabot/Perkins/Fahnestock Trail Loop

Fahnestock State Park [Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park]

Jordan Pond - Photo by Daniel Chazin Jordan Pond - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike traverses the northern section of the park, passing by three scenic ponds, following an attractive stream and skirting several open fields.

41.444779, -73.858345

NOTE:  The Cabot Trail and a portion of the Perkins Trail have been closed by the State until fall 2020 to permit the construction of a new road and trailhead parking area.  Until these trails are reopened, please choose another hike.

Cross to the north side of the road and proceed north on the red-blazed Charcoal Burners Trail (named for the men who felled trees in...

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May 21, 2017
One of my favorites. I
One of my favorites. I usually reverse the direction described, and use the yellow "Perkins" trail all the way back to "Charcol Burners" and the trail-head on RT 301.
April 12, 2014
So much variety
This is my favorite hike in Fahnestock park. We hadn't done this hike in a couple of years, so decided it was time to go back. What I like about this hike is that it has a lot of variety. It passes by 3 lakes and parallels a stream. It goes through woods and fields, sometimes with fenced in livestock. It passes by a therapeutic riding center with a beautiful barn. It has some views as well. This hike is a moderate length, and is relatively level. It has a few places that are great for just stopping and enjoying a pond or a view.   Some photos:
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