Charcoal Burners/Cabot/Perkins/Fahnestock Trail Loop

Fahnestock State Park [Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park]

Jordan Pond - Photo by Daniel Chazin Jordan Pond - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike traverses the northern section of the park, passing by three scenic ponds, following an attractive stream and skirting several open fields.

41.444779, -73.858345

Cross to the north side of the road and proceed north on the red-blazed Charcoal Burners Trail (named for the men who felled trees in the area during the nineteenth century and carefully burned them to make charcoal). The trail briefly parallels the road, then bears left and heads into the woods. Soon, you’ll reach the eastern end of the yellow-blazed Perkins Trail, but you should continue...

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April 12, 2014
This is my favorite hike in Fahnestock park. We hadn't done this hike in a couple of years, so decided it was time to go back. What I like about this hike is that it has a lot of variety.
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