Dater Mountain Nature Park

Dater Mountain Nature Park

View from Sleater Hill - Dater Mountain Nature Park - Photo credit: Daniel Chazin View from Sleater Hill - Dater Mountain Nature Park - Photo credit: Daniel Chazin

This hike loops around Dater Mountain Nature Park, passing several panoramic viewpoints.

41.172414, -74.175755

To the left of the parking area, you’ll notice a triple-orange blaze on a rock. This marks the start of a trail system established in 2005 on land acquired by Rockland County and added to Dater Mountain Nature Park. Follow the Orange Trail as it climbs along a woods road. Be alert for a right turn where the trail leaves the road and...

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May 20, 2016
Great hike but beware of snakes
This hike was beautiful and not too strenuous! Took about 2 hours, and there was quite a bit of uphill! The views are amazing. BUT, beware! I was there on May 19th, 2016 and i had a run in with about 5-7 three feet long thick black rattle snakes!! they were a foot away from the path on the right and when I was about two feet away I heard a rattle and noticed a pile of them. I then saw one cross the path in front of me. I didn't have any issues but i have concluded from my post hike internet search that they were probably timber rattlesnakes. Though I cannot be sure, those snakes look just like the ones I saw and though uncommon they can be found in the area, and they are poisonous. So watch out if you take this hike, but I will say that even with my frightening snake experience I still really enjoyed this hike!
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