South Beacon Mountain Firetower and Scofield Ridge

Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve

This hike climbs to the firetower atop the summit of South Beacon Mountain and follows the Scofield Ridge, passing many panoramic viewpoints over the Hudson River and the surrounding mountains.

41.493547, -73.959854

This hike begins with a steady, steep climb of 1,000 feet of elevation in the first mile, and the overall elevation gain exceeds 2,000 feet. It is not an easy hike, but the spectacular views that it affords are ample reward for the strenuous ascents. Much of the land traversed by the hike has been protected through the efforts of Scenic Hudson, which preserves open space in the Hudson River...

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Trail Maintainer | Ringwood State Park
September 15, 2016
Corridor Monitor: AT Dutchess South Lands - V22
June 21, 2016

Trip Reports

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September 27, 2015
I've done this hike a few times now at different times of year and really like it.
cianwilson's picture
April 16, 2015
  Thanks for the description, Daniel.    I did it yesterday, and it was just gorgeous.  It's my 4th or 5th time on this route, but it doesn't lose anything with repeated use.  
spidxx34's picture
August 18, 2014
Your comment inspired me to rehike this trail yesterday -- for the first time since I wrote the hike description eight years ago.
Daniel Chazin's picture
Daniel Chazin
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