Forest View Trail/Closter Dock Trail Loop from Alpine...

Palisades Interstate Park -- NJ Section

Forest View Trail/Closter Dock Trail Loop - Palisades Interstate Park - New Jersey Section - Photo: Daniel Chazin Forest View Trail/Closter Dock Trail Loop - Palisades Interstate Park - New Jersey Section - Photo: Daniel Chazin

This loop hike combines a walk along the top of the Palisades with a steep descent to the river and a stroll along the river, passing several outstanding viewpoints and the Women’s Federation Monument.

40.953427, -73.920645

From the northern end of the parking lot, head into the woods, following the aqua blazes of the Long Path. Soon, you'll begin to parallel the Parkway, which is to your left. For the most part, there is a wide strip of dense vegetation between the trail and the Parkway, but the sounds of the traffic can be heard during the first part of the hike.

In less than a mile, you'll notice a...

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October 14, 2014
This is a great hike, but not the hike described above
You ended up doing the Giant Stairs Loop north of the State Line Lookout.  This is a wonderful hike, which is described separately as a hike -- see -- but it is not the hike I describe above, which is a loop south of the State Line Lookout.
Daniel Chazin
October 09, 2014
Awesome hike! Great workout!
I started the trek by getting off Exit 3 Southbound, and parking along the road by the overpass bridge -- there are signs for parking, and I left my car there on the side of the road for 3 hours with no problems.  If you're following the map, I took the B/W trail to the Women's Fed. Monument.  After taking in the view, I continued to follow B/W, always staying to my right, until I started descending the rock stairs.  When you get to the bottom, turn left to follow the White trail to the Great Stairs.  This rock scramble is a mix of rocky trails and big boulders - stay focused and watch your step!   If you keep up your pace, you can do that whole first part in about 2 hours.  Once I hit High Gutter Point, I started climbing towards the Aqua trail.  I hit a fork that pointed me either back to State Line or farther out -- I followed it to State Line, ended up on the road, and came across the D trail.  Another great workout, this is a steep climb headed south back towards the car.  Followed the D trail, to the C trail, to the A, to the B -- this was about another hour trek.  This whole route will really work your legs and get your heart pumping!  After you get off the B trail and back onto the road, don't miss the entrance to the trail on the other side of the road that will lead you back to the overpass bridge and back to the car.
March 14, 2013
Hike has been updated
Thanks for the information on public transportation.   The hike description has been updated to include this information.
Daniel Chazin
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