Giant Stairs/Long Path Loop from State Line Lookout

Palisades Interstate Park -- NJ Section

40.988702, -73.907154

This hike explores the northern end of the New Jersey Section of the Palisades Interstate Park. It is, perhaps, the most rewarding loop hike in the park, as it incorporates a number of scenic features and, for nearly the entire distance, you are far away from the noise of the Parkway. But it is also the most difficult hike in the park, as it involves not only steep climbs and descents on...

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August 22, 2016
Daniel, thank you!  It's absolutely wonderful that you've chained so many of these trails together into such great hikes and my partner and I greatly appreciate it!  
SteveA's picture
May 23, 2016
I posed your question to Eric Nelsen, Historic Interpreter for the New Jersey Sectiion of the Palisades Interstate Park, and he responded as follows:  "It’s one of those mysteries.
Daniel Chazin's picture
Daniel Chazin
May 22, 2016
While hiking this trail we found the remnants of an old car chasis. Does anyone know how/when it got there?
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